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IH Cooking Heater (Low-End)


IH Cooking Heater (Low-End)


IH cooking heaters with single-burner are getting more and more popular in the market because they are energy-saving and safe as they do not use fire. In recent years such units have become smaller; moreover, their price has become more affordable as their popularity has grown. Low-end cooking heaters are perceived to be attractive alternatives to conventional electric hot plates and portable gas stoves.

The microcontrollers from Renesas Electronics in the M16C/65 Group, RL78 Family and the R8C Family are excellent design choices for use as control microcontrollers in single-burner IH heaters because they have the on-chip PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) timers needed for driving the IH coil drive, and have sufficient performance and functionality to also control the operation of the display panel. Other chips recommended for this type of application include control TRIACs and IGBTs. Using Renesas solutions, it is possible to create designs that achieve improved performance, consume less power, and have lower cost.

System Block Diagram

System Block Diagram

Recommended Products

Block Semiconductor Device Recommended Product Name Features, etc.
Main MCU MCU V850E/Ix3 Three-phase PWM timer *3, enhanced A/D
R8C/3x Series Three-phase PWM timer*3
General Purpose 16-bit MCU
M16C/63 Group
M16C/64A Group
M16C/65 Group
SH2(SH7010, SH7040,
SH7046, SH7080,
SH7124, SH7125,
SH7137, SH7144,
SH7146, SH7147,
Three-phase PWM timer *3
SH/Tiny Three-phase PWM timer *3, enhanced A/D
Panel control MCU MCU R8C/3x Series General Purpose 16-bit MCU
Inverter IGBT RJH60FxDPK
Low-VCE (sat), High-speed switching
MCU peripheral Reset IC RNA519xx Series
Variable detection voltage
EEPROM R1EX24xxx Series
I2C bus interface *1
R1EX25xxx Series SPI bus interface *2
Sensor Op-amp HA1630xxx Series Small package, low power consumption
μPC358MF-DAA 8-pin SOP package for consumer
applications, low power consumption
Grill heater TRIAC BCR16CM For mid-power AC control
TRIAC control Photocoupler (standard) PS23xx Series
PS27xx Series
PS28xx Series
High isolation voltage (5kVr.m.s.), 4p-LSOP, Ta=115°C
High isolation voltage (3.75kVr.m.s.), 4p-SOP, Ta=110°C
High isolation voltage (2.5kVr.m.s.), 4p-SSOP, Ta=110°C
IGBT gate driver Photocoupler
(IGBT drive)
PS93xx Series
PS94xx Series
PS95xx Series
PS99xx Series
High isolation voltage (5kV~7.5kVr.m.s.)
0.6~2.5A output
High CMR (CMR≧50kV/μs)

*1 I2C: Inter-Integrated Circuit
*2 SPI: Serial Peripheral Interface
*3 PWM: Pulse Width Modulation

Related Application Notes/Sample Code

Name Document No.
R8C/38C Group Timer RD (PWM3 Mode)
Timer RD in PWM3 Mode
R2A20112 application note *
R2A20114 application note *
R2A20117 application note *
R2A20118A application note *
R2A20132 application note *

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Related Software

Name Document No.
M3S-S2-Tiny sound playback system *

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Related Boards

Name Part No.
R2A20111 evaluation board *
R2A20112 evaluation board *
R2A20114 Series evaluation board *
R2A20115 evaluation board *
R2A20117 evaluation board *
R2A20118A evaluation board *
R2A20132 evaluation board *

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