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The SH77650 provides the same image recognition functions as Renesas Electronics's existing SH7774 (600 MHz operation) high-performance SoC product for car navigation systems. Developed as a dedicated image recognition processing LSI device, the new SoC product delivers a superior cost-performance through optimized functionality and performance.
The SH77650 incorporates the SH-4A CPU core. Its processing performance is 540 MIPS at its maximum operating frequency of 300 MHz. This excellent processing performance makes it possible to realize powerful systems. The SH77650 also incorporates many peripheral functions suitable for image recognition applications. In addition to a high-performance image recognition processing accelerator, there is a three-channel video input interface, a display function supporting a screen of maximum WVGA size (850 x 480-pixel), a dedicated six-channel DMA controller, three timer channels, a two-channel serial interface, and a two-channel CAN interface for in-vehicle LANs. This variety of on-chip peripheral functions covers the main tasks performed by in-vehicle image recognition systems.


Item SH77650 Specifications
Type name R8A77650DA01BGV
Power supply voltage 1.2 V (internal) / 3.3 V, 2.5 V (external)
Maximum operating frequency 300MHz
Processing performance 540 MIPS, 2.1 GFLOPS (at 300 MHz operation)
CPU core SH-4A
On-chip RAM 256 Kbytes (on-chip bus connection) + 16 Kbytes (CPU core internal connection)
Cache memory 4-way set associative type, with separate 32 Kbytes for instructions and 32 Kbytes for data
External memory Supports direct connection to DDR1-SDRAM (DDR200) via DDR1 dedicated bus.
Expansion bus enables direct connection with SRAM or ROM.
Extension bus Address space: 64 Mbytes × 3
Main on-chip peripheral functions
  • Video input interface × 3 channels
  • Display function (Display Unit)
  • Image recognition processing accelerator
  • Watchdog timer function
  • Boot function
  • Sound interface (SSI) × 4 channels
  • Dedicated DMA controller (DMAC) × 6 channels
  • Controller area network (RCAN) interface × 2 channels
  • A/D converter × 1 channel [4 inputs]
  • Serial communication interface (SCIF) × 2 channels
  • Timer × 3 channels
  • I2C bus × 2 channels
  • Interrupt controller (INTC)
Power-down modes
  • Sleep mode
  • Module standby mode
  • DDR-SDRAM power supply backup mode
Package 376-pin BGA (19 mm × 19 mm)

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