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Notebook PC


Notebook PCs’ high performance and functionality are now being compared with desktop PCs as a result of adaptation of new technologies one after another.

Notebook PCs need an advanced power management IC, ASSP, and low-loss MOSFET to support the operation, interface, and power supply of each component which requires complex and individual control.

Renesas offers solutions for sub-microcontrollers and data storage as well as a variety of ASSP and a wide range of MOSFET lineup to support customers to develop notebook PCs with high usability, high performance, and long life.

Recommended product

Block Semiconductor device Recommended product name Features, etc.
CPU peripherals,
main memory,
graphic components
Standard logic LV-A Series With 5V tolerant function
HD74/ LV/ALVC1G/2G Series 1 gate/ 1 package, micromini pakcage, and LV-A
With tolerant function for ALVC Series
Diodes HZC Sereis
RKZxxKJ Series
Surge absorption Zener
HSC119, HSD119 Switching
Various peripheral controllers (KBC/EC, USB devices),modem, card bus, sound, etc. KBC/EC microcomputer H8S/2100 Series BIOS support and for LPC
38000 Series BIOS support and for LPC/ISA
Expansion microcomputer R8C/Tiny Reduced pins and small PKG
USB microcomputer H8S/2172 Memory stick controller
M38K2、 M37534 USB hub, USB keyboard and mouse controller
Standard logic HD74/LV/ALVC1G/2G Series 1 gate/ 1 PKG, micromini PKG, and LV-A
With tolerant function for ALVC Series
LV-A Series With 5 V tolerant function
Diodes HZM6.8Z4MFA,
RKZ6.8ZMFAKT, other
Low capacitance (4 pF) surge absorption
HSC119, HSD119 Switching
HSD226, RKD702KL Schottkey with low VF and low IR
External interface
(printer, FDD, HDD, etc.)
Standard logic HD74/LV/ALVC1G/2G Series 1 gate/ 1 PKG, micromini PKG, and LV-A
With tolerant function for ALVC Series
Diodes HZM6.8ZMFA,
RKZ6.8Z4MFAKT, other
Low capacitance (4 pF) optimal for use in USB terminal surge absorption
RKZxxKJ/KK Series High ESD tolerance optimal for use in surge absorption
Power management Smart battery system R2J24020F (under development), R2J24050F (under development) 16-bit R8C core microcomputer adoption,
SIP goods (MCU + AFE).
RJK0362DSP, RJK0358DSP, HAT1132R, HAT1131R Small, thin, and low thermal resistance (SOP outline)
Linear IC HA17431 Series
(shunt regulator)
Accuracy of 1% and rich packages
HA1630xx Series
(CMOS op-amp)
Low voltage consumption, output full swing
Power MOS RJK03xxDPA Small, thin, low Qg, and low Ron, WPAK package
RJK03xxDSP SOP-8 outline
RJK03xxDPA On-chip SBD, WPAK package
Schottky diodes HRW0702A Low VF and low IR
HRV103A, RKR104BKH, other Io = 1 A, and small outline, low IR optimal for use in circuit protection

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