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Multifunction Copier


Nowadays, multifunction copier offers brilliant picture printing and vivid colorization with capabilities of high-performance, numerous external interfaces, and rich options. These features are made possible by large-scale ASICs and high-performance MCUs. The devices are used in scanner’s image processing and devices set’s internal signal transmission frequency, especially to improve its speed and performance.

Recommended product

Block Semiconductor device Recommended
product name
Features, etc.
Main control MPU Microcomputer SH7780 High performance 32-bit RISC
Memory EEPROM R1EX25xxxA Series SPI -bus, for printing record
Graphics/Image processing Clock generator HD151TS33xx Reduced EMI noise
Clock buffer HD151BF85455 Conversion from memory SDR (input) memory to DDR (output) memory
Bus switch HD74CBT1G Series Ultra high speed signal transfer switching enabled (tpd = 250 ps)
Uni-Logic HD74LV1G/2G Micromini PKG, 5 V tolerant
Reset IC RNA51957 Variable detection voltage
Interface Ethernet SH7618, SH7619 Host interface
USB M66592, H8S/2672 Full function, Low power
Zener diodes HZM6.8ZMFA,
RKZ6.8Z4MFAKT, others
Compact and thin package, Low capacitance (4 pF) optimal for use in USB terminal surge absorption
Engine control Entire engine control Microcomputer SuperH, M16C, H8SX, H8S Family
LVDS M66050/, M66051 High speed operation (90 MHz)
Standard logic IC HD74LV-A Series 5 V tolerant function
Comparator HA1631xx Series
Reset IC RNA51957 Variable detection voltage
Motor driver IC M5464x, M5467x Series
Laser drive Clock generator M6623X Series such as M66239FP High synchronizing accuracy. Frequency modulation function included for M66239
Laser diode HL6722G Red (670 nm) long life LD
Polygon mirror Power MOSFET RQK0603CGDQS, RQJ0602EGDQS Compact (UPAK) package
Scanner motor driver MOS
Drum motor driver MOS HAT3018R Compact and thin package, Low on-resistance
Paper feed driver MOS HAT2103R, HAT2281C
FAN motor driver MOS HAT1111C
Others DAC for adjustment M623xxxxGP For adjustments
DAC M62383FP Series For sine-wave drives (quiet drives)
Power supply Low-voltage power Power MOSFET RJK50xxDPP
High-voltage power 2SK3446, RQK2501YGDQA
Power MOSFET 2SK3234, FS10KM-10A 500 V, 8A TO-220FM outline
Shunt regulator HA17431 Series 1%, 0.5% precision
Zener diodes RKZxxKG Series
AC/DC converter HA17384HPS Current mode type, over-current protection, and overheat protection
DC/DC converter IC R2A20047,
Load change fast response
4.5 V to 40 V wide input range
PFC R2A20111, R2A20115 Continuous conduction mode single
R2A20112, R2A20117, R2A20108 Critical conduction mode interleaving

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