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Electronic Toy (Electronic Pet)


Electronic Toy (Electronic Pet)


Electronic pets are a type of electronic toy that incorporates communication functions that enable it to move and react like a real pet dog or cat. The market for this type of product now spans a wide range of age groups and has grown to include healing therapy and nursing care applications. Prices continue to diversify, but demand is concentrated in the lower age groups. The product specifications of electronic pet toys combine capabilities such as DC motor control, simple audio output/input control, control of sensors of various types, and LED control. There is also a need for control functions for battery drive.

Renesas’ product lineup includes the 78K0 Series, the 78K0R Series and the R8C/3x Series, with multiple multifunction timers (8 bits with 8-bits prescaler,16 bits with input capture function and output compare function, 8bit with real-time clock mode and output compare mode) and support for low-voltage operation. These MCUs are suitable for a variety of electronic toys, supporting many types of input and output at low cost and providing plenty of configuration flexibility.

System Block Diagram

System Block Diagram

Recommended Products

Block Semiconductor device Recommended products Features, etc.
Control MCU MCU 78K0R/Kx2-L 1.8 to 5 V operation, 16-bit MCU
R8C/3x Series
MCU peripheral CMOS op-amp HA1630xxx Series Low power consumption
Reset IC RNA519xx Series Variable detection voltage
System control/
motor control
power management
Battery charger R2A20050ANS Ultra small package,
1 cell Li-ion battery usable
Motor control Power MOSFET μPA26xx Series
2×2mm package
Low power MOSFET RQKxxxx Series,
RQJxxxx Series
Small Outline Package


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