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Pulse Oximeter


Pulse Oximeter


A pulse oximeter is a healthcare product that quickly measures the oxygenation of the blood by using light to monitor the state of the hemoglobin. Recently, such products have become smaller and lightweight. As a result, besides being used in hospitals, they have become popular for home healthcare and everyday health monitoring, including monitoring during strenuous activities such as mountain climbing or physical exercise.

To perform the oxygen measurement, the meter emits red light and infrared light into the blood, and then detects with a sensor the light that passes through the blood. The signal from the sensor is very weak, so an amplifier circuit is used to raise its level, and an A/D converter reads the amplified signal. A D/A converter is also necessary to modify the strength of the measuring light according to the level of ambient light.

MCUs in the 78K0R/Lx3, the R8C/Lx and the RL78/L1x Series from Renesas Electronics integrate the on-chip A/D and D/A converters required in pulse oximeters, as well as an LCD drive-control circuit. These on-chip features reduce the number of external components required, making the MCUs ideal choices for pulse oximeter products that must combine compact size and low cost.

System Block Diagram

System Block Diagram

Recommended Products

Block Semiconductor Device Recommended Product Name Features, etc.
Main controller MCU 78K0/Lx3 On-chip LCD driver, low power consumption
R8C/L36x Group
RL78/L1x Series
Analog front end
Smart Analog IC101
16-bit delta-sigma A/D converter + Built-in PGIA
Smart Analog IC300Low voltage configurable amplifier
Configurable amplifier: 3 channels
Operating voltage: 2.2 to 3.6 V (low-voltage product)
Smart Analog IC500Configurable amplifier
Configurable amplifier: 3 channels
Operating voltage: 3.0 to 5.5 V
MCU peripheralReset ICRNA519xx SeriesVariable detection voltage



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