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Digital Surveillance Camera


Digital Surveillance cameras


Since the appearance of network cameras that can communicate data via the Internet and due to the growing awareness of security, the market for digital surveillance cameras has rapidly expanded to include applications such as remote surveillance in factories and warehouses in addition to crime prevention. Functions for correcting the brightness of an image according to conditions such as indoor/outdoor and daytime/nighttime, and functions for detecting movement, are digitalized and are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Digital surveillance cameras will continue to demand higher resolution and more sophisticated functionality in the future.

Renesas responds to these requirements with the SH-Mobile R2R with built-in high-function image processing engine, Rx6xN LAN controller, SH-Ether, SLP (Super Low Power) Series microcontrollers, and 78K0R/Lx3, as well as motor driver ICs and various other devices, providing optimal solutions for digital surveillance cameras.

System Block Diagram

Recommended Products

Block Semiconductor device Recommended products Features, etc.
Signal processing circuit Uni Logic HD74LV1GxxA Series Low power consumption
H74LV2GxxA Series
CPU SH-Mobile R2R Camera image processing, 500 MHz, 900 MIPS
ASIC CB-12M, 90M Cell-based IC
AF/zoom Motor driver IC R2A30440NP 1024-step micro-step.
WLBGA/QFN package
Rich lineup: 1-channel to 6-channel
Multi DC/DC converter RAA23040x Series DC/DCx3 + LDOx1
RAA23021x Series DC/DCx1 + LDOx1, Built-in ultra low power mode.
Power MOS FET μPA26xx Series
2×2mm package
Battery charger R2A20035SP,R2A20050ANS Charge control for Li-ion battery
Power MOS FET for
μPA26xx Series
μPA28xx Series
2×2mm package
3×3mm package
External interface USB controller M66596, R8A66597 USB HS HOST
M66591, M66592 USB2.0 HS
Control MCU/
Operation control

SH-Ether Series, RX6xN Series Built-in Ethernet controller
Control MCU/
HDMI-CEC control
78K0/Lx3 Built-in LCD controller, low power consumption
78K0/Kx2-C, 78K0R/K3x-C HDMI-CEC MCU
Voice memo CMOS op-amp HA1630xxx Series Low power consumption
Common DAC*2 R2A2015x Series I2Cbus interface *1
R2A2016x Series 8-bit D/A converter

*1 I2C : Inter-Integrated Circuit
*2 DAC : Digital to Analog Converter

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