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Ethernet PHY ASSP

  • Overview

Renesas Electronics' Industrial Ethernet PHY family delivers very competitive round trip delay for a discrete Ethernet PHY device. Therefore, developers experience lowest node latency and system jitter which are two important features that are required for reliable high performance real time Ethernet systems. As Ethernet based technologies becomes more and more popular in Industrial Automation, traditional discrete Ethernet PHY products will not enable the differentiation demanded by application developers. Renesas Electronics Ethernet PHY family shows our expertise in cutting edge technology and architecture.


Designed for Industrial


Low Round-trip Delay

For real time communication, TX/RX latency is reduced significantly.

Industrial figure

Enhanced Link-up and Link-down Handling

By optimizing the link-up and link-down mechanism, latency time of the switching network is reduced significantly. This feature can enable fast setup for industrial communication which requires frequent network switching.

Line Quality Monitoring

The Ethernet PHY can monitor amplitude and Bit-Error-Rate (BER) of the signal in a cable. When the signal has abnormal behavior caused by a cable problem, the ethernet PHY can detect this event and inform the CPU by an interrupt event signal before an actual failure occurs.

Industrial figure 1

TDR Mechanism

TDR (time domain reflectometer) can detect the location and type of cable problem and allows for faster diagnosis.

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Time Stamping and Clocking Scheme

  • As an optional function, the Ethernet PHY ASSP has a timer function which is compliant to IEEE1588 (PTP: Precision Time Protocol).
  • Synchronized timers in the network can control devices which are connected via GPIO and make a time stamp for input signals. For instance, the ethernet PHY can make a time stamp for a signal from a rotary encoder and control a stepping motor at the required time.

Industrial figure 4

Industrial Ethernet places new demands on technology and Renesas's Ethernet PHY family delivers on them. Increasingly the ability to quickly swap out tools and machines is becoming more and more important and this requires enhanced handling of link-up and link-down procedures. Monitoring cable quality for maintenance cycles is crucial for maintaining high system reliability and availability. Renesas's Ethernet PHY family implements line quality monitoring features, which makes it easier to monitor the quality of the line. To properly implement most real time industrial Ethernet protocols Precision Time Protocol (PTP) must be implemented. In order to do this an IEEE1588 PTP timer is necessary, which is included on the enhanced variants of Renesas's Industrial Ethernet PHY. These key features differentiate our industrial Ethernet PHY family and provide developers of Industrial Ethernet applications unique qualities not available in existing implementations.

Basic Features

  • 1ch/2ch PHY (Physical interface)
  • IEEE802.3 compliant
  • 10BaseT/100BaseTX/100BaseFX port
  • Auto negotiation
  • Auto Polarity detection
  • MDI/MDI-X Auto-Cross Over
  • MII/RMII port
  • Single power supply (3.3V)

Supporting Legacy and Integration

An important feature of the Ethernet PHY family is that it is completely backwards compatible with standard Ethernet communications allowing smooth integration of enterprise and industrial environments. The family is compliant with the IEEE802.3 standard and is UNH tested. Renesas's industrial PHY family supports factory automation integration within a plant and also prepares the systems for future needs. Furthermore the Ethernet PHY family is complementary to our other Ethernet based products like V850 and RX microcontrollers, and ERTEC industrial Ethernet controllers. Developers can find a complete solution portfolio to support legacy requirements and that aid in the integration of Ethernet in industrial automation applications.

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