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Applied Sensor Technology


Applied Sensor Technology


Applied sensor technology is now used in a variety of electronic products. This technology is essential to achieving high-performance “intelligent” functions. In recent years, applied sensor technology has gained increasing popularity from an eco-friendly standpoint for deducing power consumption. By monitoring peripheral activities and providing fine-grained control of product operation, overall power consumption can be significantly reduced. The importance of such functionality continues to grow. Systems employing a variety of sensors require multichannel A/D converters and timer inputs in order to control the many sensors deployed. In addition, device control is essential, for example to operate motors linked to sensors.

Renesas’ RL78/G14 and R8C/3x Series of microcontrollers provide multiple inputs and outputs at low cost and are ideal for flexible product configurations. They combine multifunction timers, multichannel A/D converters, and low-power operation suitable for applied sensor applications.

System Block Diagram

Recommended Products

Block Semiconductor device Recommended products Features, etc.
Control MCU MCU RL78/G14
1.6 V to 5.5 V operation, Low power consumption
R8C/3x Series 1.8 V to 5 V operation, 16-bit CPU
MCU peripheral CMOS op-amp. HA1630xxx Series Low power consumption
Reset IC RNA519xx Series Variable detection voltage
Motor control Power MOSFET μPA26xx Series
2×2mm package
Low power MOSFET RQKxxxx Series, RQJxxxx Series Small package

Related Application Notes/Sample Code

Title Document No.
Power MOS FET application note REJ05G0001-0200


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