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Renesas Electronics Group Information Security Policy

In order to continue to be trusted by society, Renesas Electronics Group (the "Group") hereby establishes the Information Security Policy to appropriately protect the information entrusted to it from the customers and suppliers as well as all information assets handled by the Group

1. Compliance with laws and regulations
The Group will comply with applicable laws and regulations, government-established guidelines and company rules, etc. concerning information security.
2. Operational structure
The Group will develop an operational structure for information security measures including the establishment of the Information Management and Security Committee and other initiatives, and will maintain and continuously improve the structure.
3. Management of information assets
To ensure information security, the Group will establish methods for the handling of information assets based on their importance, and will manage such assets appropriately.
4. Education
To raise awareness on the part of all officers, regular employees and other personnel, the Group will conduct education with regard to matters to be implemented in daily work duties, as well as applicable laws and regulations, government-established policies and company rules, etc. concerning information security.
5. Accident prevention and response in the event of occurrence
The Group will endeavor to prevent information security incidents from occurring. Further, in the event that such an incident occurs, the Group will implement countermeasures aimed at minimizing the impact, promptly investigate the cause of the accident, and quickly take appropriate measures and prevent recurrence.

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