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Social Contribution Activities Globally

Social Contribution Activities Globally

In North America

Food Drive

(Renesas Electronics America Inc.)

Renesas Electronics America held an in-house contest to collect monetary and food donations for orphans. Employees were divided into four teams for this contest. Total monetary donations amounted to $22,000.

In China

Support for Sichuan Junior High School Students

(Renesas Electronics (China) Co., Ltd.)

Since the Sichuan Earthquake in 2008, Renesas Electronics (China) has provided support to the Puyang Junior High School located in Dujiangyan, Sichuan Province. In September 2010, the company made charitable contributions to 18 students, each of whom received 1,000 yuan. Also, about 80 employees exchange letters with students at the school as a means of offering educational and psychological support.

Support for Victims of Yushu Earthquake

(Renesas Electronics (China) Co., Ltd.)

The Yushu Earthquake occurred in April 2010 in Qinghai Province, China, causing 2,698 deaths, 1,434 serious injuries, 270 missing persons and 12,135 injuries. To support the earthquake victims, Renesas Electronics (China) collected a total of 21,420 yuan and HK$6,340 and donated the money collected to the Red Cross Society of China.

In Asia

Mangrove-Planting Program

(Renesas Semiconductor (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.)

In May 2010, a total of 80 employees and their families undertook a program to plant 500 mangrove trees in a Penang wetland. This program was supported by the Penang Inshore Fishermen Welfare Association and the Penang Forestry Department. Mangrove trees play an important role in purifying seawater and preventing shore erosion. Furthermore, mangrove forests are home to a diversity of living organisms. Renesas Semiconductor (Malaysia) will continue this program to protect the environment in Malaysia.

Other Social Contribution Activities

The United States

Renesas Electronics America purchased 105 gifts, including clothing and toys, for underprivileged children. Employees wrapped these gifts themselves and delivered them to a local shelter.


Renesas Design Vietnam Co., Ltd. provided financial assistance to elementary school students in a deprived region, to support their tuition payments.

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