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United for a better world

Renesas Electronics has integrated the microcontroller, power and analog semiconductors, as well as the advanced technologies and strong experience of both companies, to provide system solutions for the global market. As the #1 supplier of microcontrollers in the world*, the new Renesas Electronics has a corporate vision to harness the power of semiconductors to realize intelligent devices that can enable a sustainable planet and improve the lives of both current and future generations. Together we can realize a society where life can be enjoyed in harmony with the planet.

*Source: Gartner "Semiconductor Applications Worldwide Annual Market Share: Database" 25 March 2010, based on the 2009 vendor sales

There are rising needs in the increasingly popular green market, not only for lower power consumption for devices and systems, but also for early and low-cost development of energy infrastructure and information network devices that make up societal systems. We at Renesas Electronics are developing semiconductor solutions at an accelerated pace with the aim of meeting these customer needs faster than any other provider. Here are the specifics of our efforts for the green market.

Energy-Efficient, Comfortable and Earth-Friendly: The Green Society Pioneered by Renesas ECO

Eco-Friendly Renesas

Toward Smart Grid Solutions

Renesas provides ZigBee- and PLC-compliant semiconductors to serve as the infrastructure on power grid systems. We also support the creation of flexible smart grids with our lineup of semiconductors for smart meters, home gateways and other smart grid devices.

Toward Green Cars

We offer motor control MCUs and power devices for electric cars running on rechargeable electric motors and hybrid vehicles that couple gasoline engines with electric motors. We also proactively meet functional safety standards to assist in achieving a safe and stress-free automotive society.

Inverters, a Basic Energy-Saving Technology for Consumer and Industrial Fields

We reduce power consumption for home appliances, such as air conditioners, and industrial equipment through an inverter technology that rotates motors with refined efficiency. Moreover, in order to support customers in their early development efforts, we offer a full lineup of inverter control-specific MCUs equipped with peripheral functions such as high-performance PWM and multi-channel A/D converters.

Application Solutions That Realize Energy Saving in Green Home Appliances

In order to achieve energy savings for various home appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, rice cookers, cooking heaters and lighting, we offer low power consumption solutions, including software, as well as low-power-consuming semiconductors.

Introduction of Renesas MCU Products with Lower Power Consumption

We are actively engaged in developing technology that delivers high performance and low power consumption, and we offer a full product lineup for our customer's diverse needs.

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