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Research and development is a vital, essential foundation electronics; progress depends on it. Of course, there are many kinds of R&D activities. For Renesas, a leading global semiconductor manufacturer, those activities include applying physics and design innovations to improve circuit functions, creating better manufacturing processes that enhance operating characteristics and decrease cost, discovering ways to extend reliability, and many others.

In our role of supplying key chips for the latest digital products ? mobile phones, digital AV equipment, car navigation systems, and the like ? we find it critically important to rapidly develop new ranges of products that combine added-value features to meet diverse customer needs. The challenge isn't just a matter of pursuing better performance or more sophisticated functions. Rather, our new products must also take into consideration factors such as security and the environment, while at the same time delivering better power efficiency and higher quality. Moreover, if possible, our devices must help relieve some of the time and cost pressures customers face in their drive to succeed in dynamic markets.

To help customers survive in harshly competitive sales environments, Renesas continuously invests in R&D programs. Most involve new and advanced technologies intended to accelerate the creation and production of advanced microcontrollers (MCUs) and other products. The general aim is to build innovative chips that offer immediately useful benefits and are available when needed at suitable prices. This is a big ? and constant ? challenge, one that we take great pride in addressing well.

The Special Report in this issue of EDGE magazine contains stories illustrating various solutions derived from our R&D efforts. The first one describes the EXREAL Platform™, a mother platform for SoC development that our engineers apply to gain major productivity enhancements. The platform incorporates a wide range of functions, IP, software, and other resources that make it ideal for programs involving miniaturization, multi-core systems, low power consumption, etc., as well as system development for specific applications such as multimedia mobile phones. It has been crucial to successful projects such as the MX massively parallel processor, SH-Mobile G series, SH-Navi products, and the RX MCU family. Other stories in this Special Report cover six technology breakthroughs that were described in papers presented at prestigious technical conferences.


Technology for Advanced ICs
Part 1 - Update on the Innovative EXREAL Platform"!
- Versatile modular platform and its derivatives assemble and focus diverse technology resources to boost microcomputer chip and system development
Part 2 - Summary of Recent Technical Papers
- Technology for Achieving Higher Performance and Lower Power Consumption in an LSI Device with Eight CPU Cores
- Power-and Memory-management Technologies for an Advanced Multimedia Application Processor for Mobile Phones
- Substrate Bias Control Circuit Reduces the Power Consumption of SRAM for SoCs
- "E2Data Flash" Technology for Integrating Flash Memory EEPROM for Data Storage in Automotive ECUs
- Technology for Reducing Leak Current in High-performance CMOS Produced Using a 45nm Process
- Flash-type A/D Converter Technology with Ultra High Speed and Low Power Consumption Produced Using a 90nm Process


Customer Visit RENESAS MCU Application Report:
Home Appliances

To create user interfaces that offer more features and are more pleasing and easier to operate, appliance manufacturers are using TFT LCD displays and Renesas MCUs

Sanyo Consumer Electronics Co. Ltd.
FOCUS ON: Low-power SRAMs Product and News Information
New low-power SRAMs include devices with industry-leading 64Mbit capacity and 32Mbit versions with the industry's smallest chip size Dual-core Processors for High-performance Multimedia Systems
32-bit Flash Microcomputers for Automotive Equipment
16-bit Secure Microcomputer for ID Cards, Financial Transaction Cards
32-bit IC Card MCU with USB Controller for Supporting Electronic Signatures
RF Transceiver IC for Mobile Phones
Dream Science - Walking in a Ubiquitous Society
Vol.8: Sidekicks

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