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The following page content corresponds to the products formerly marketed by Renesas Technology.

2010.3 Vol.25
A New Beginning
RX Microcomputers Deliver the Ultimate in Performance and Ease-of-use
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2010.3 vol.25

Special Feature

A New Beginning RX Microcomputers Deliver the Ultimate in Performance and Ease-of-use


2009.10 vol.24

Special Feature

Implementing Advanced Embedded System GUIs

Workshop System Design Issues
System Solution Application Update


2009.3 vol.23

Special Feature

Advances in Energy Conservation

System Solution System-in-Package Technology
Focus On Digital Stereo Amplifier with Audio DSP
Products and News Information HD Video Middleware for Long-duration Recording and Playback in Products that Use SH-Mobile Application Processors
IP Conforming to the PCI Express 2.0 Standard for Implementing High-speed Serial Interfaces


2008.7 vol.22

Special Feature

Networking Solutions

Customer Visit Renesas Microcomputers Define the Performance and "Personalities" of an Extensive Range of Electric assist bicycles
Products and News Information Two Microcomputer Series in RX Family for Diverse Embedded System Applications
Microcomputers with 1Mbyte SRAM for Digital Audio and Graphical Dashboard Applications
32-bit Flash Memory Microcomputers for Interfacing to Sensors, Actuators, and Other I/O Components
16-bit Flash Memory Microcomputers for Automotive Body Control Systems
Application Processor for Popularly Priced Multimedia Mobile Phones
Middleware for System Designs that Use SH-Mobile Application Processors
Application Report SuperH-based Platform Incorporates Touch panel Functions to Aid System Development


2008.7 vol.21

Special Feature

Update on the Innovative EXREAL Platform?

Customer Visit SH-Mobile R2 Processor Helps Sanyo Engineers Develop Gorilla Portable Navigation Unit
FOCUS ON Low-Power SRAMs New Low-power SRAMs Include Devices with Industry-leading 64Mbit Capacity and 32Mbit Versions with Smallest Chip Size
Products and News Information Dual-core Processors for High-performance Multimedia Systems
32-bit Flash Microcomputers for Automotive Equipment
16-bit Secure Microcomputer for ID Cards and Financial Transaction Cards
32-bit IC Card MCU with USB Controller for Supporting Electronic Signatures
Application Report User Interfaces Take On New Looks With Advanced Display Technology
Dream Science - Walking in a Ubiquitous Society The Ubiquitous Society, Viewed from an Imaginative and Scientific Perspective


2008.3 vol.20

Special Feature

Interview: Renesas' Extensive Involvement with Analog Technology

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Renesas Microcomputers
Latest microcomputers for IC cards have a power-efficient new 16-bit CPU that delivers a five-fold improvement in processing performance
Application Report Battery-powered monitoring and measuring products require compact microcomputers that consume minimal power and integrate advanced analog technologies
Products and News Information Update: New CISC Architecture for Embedded Control Systems Application Processor for Products Beyond Mobile Phones
Compact 16-bit Flash Microcomputers for Embedded Systems
Charging-control IC for Lithium Ion Batteries
TFT Color-LCD Controller/Driver for Portable Devices
Dream Science - Walking in a Ubiquitous Society The Ubiquitous Society, Viewed from an Imaginative and Scientific Perspective


2007.10 vol.19

Special Feature

Interview: Current State and Future Outlook for Automotive Electronics and Networking

System Solution The SH- Mobile L3V2 processor provides features optimized for high-end phones, while the SH-Mobile UL device delivers the small size and cost-performance needed for mainstream phone models
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Renesas Microcomputers
Academic experts described robots that can help with daily life, and Renesas explained the technology roadmap for the SuperH family
Focus On Packaging EEPROMs with I?C Interfaces Are Built with a0.35μm Process and Have Capacities up to 512Kbytes and Slim Profiles
Products and News Information 32-bit CISC Microcomputer for Automotive Control Applications
Compact 16-bit Microcomputers with Internal Flash Memory
Emulator for 8-bit to 32-bit CISC Microcomputers
Dream Science - Walking in a Ubiquitous Society The Ubiquitous Society, Viewed from an Imaginative and Scientific Perspective


2007.07 vol.18

Special Feature

Systems Powered by Electric Motors Are Pushing Improvements in Motors and Taking Advantage of the Increasing Capabilities of Microcomputers

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Renesas Microcomputers
Devices with R32C/100 CPU core deliver about 2.2x the performance M32/80 series chips and maintain upward compatibility
Focus On Packaging New 4Mbit and 16Mbit SRAMs Use Tiny WL-CSP Packages to Boost Mounting Density in Portable Equipment
RENESAS MCU Application Report Microcomputers with On-chip Ethernet Support Promote Networking Capabilities in Audio-Visual products and Industrial Equipment
Products and News Information New CPUs Being Developed for Next-generation 16- and 32-bit Microcomputers
High-performance SoC Device for Car Navigation Systems
Single-Chip Power Supply IC for Car Navigation Systems
Twelve New 32-bit Microcomputers Expand H8SX Series
Transistor Technology for 45nm Generation and Beyond
On-Chip SOI SRAM Technology for the 32nm and Subsequent Generations
Strobe-control IGBT for Mobile Phone Cameras, Digital Still Cameras, etc.
Dream Science - Walking in a Ubiquitous Society The Ubiquitous Society, Viewed from an Imaginative and Scientific Perspective


2007.04 vol.17

Special Feature

R&D Strategy: Using Various Types of Multi-core Architectures to Overcome Limitations of Single-core Microcomputers

Customer Visit Renesas SH-Mobile processor is used in a wearable main unit for capturing a nurse's everyday activities, together with wireless accelerometers
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Renesas Microcomputers
Easy-to-use architecture for embedded systems uses two SH-2A CPU cores to deliver up to 960 MIPS while keeping power consumption low
Products and News Information HDMI Receiver Combines V1.3 Input Ports and CEC Control Function
Dual-band RF Power Transistor for Products with Low Power Consumption
3G Mobile Phone Platform for Rapid Development of HSDPA/W-CDMA and GSM/GPRS/EDGE Handsets
Cumulative Shipments of Renesas Flash Microcomputers Exceed One Billion
RENESAS MCU Application Report Features of Renesas 8- and 16-bit microcontrollers allow the design of functions such as induction heating control and audio playback for rice cookers
Dream Science - Walking in a Ubiquitous Society The Ubiquitous Society, Viewed from an Imaginative and Scientific Perspective


2007.02 vol.16

Special Feature

Production Technology: Renesas' Role as an ITDM Underscores
Advanced Canpadilities forMeeting Custoneeds

System Solution SH-MobileR Series
Customer Visit Whirlppol Corporation
Focus On Packaging Critical-Conduction Mode PFC Controller IC
Products Information Single-Chip LSI for DVD RecordersOn-Chip Debugging
Emulator for System DevelopmentIntegrated Driver-MOSFET (DrMOS) for Voltage
RegulatorsHalogen-Free Resin Diodes for Less Environmental ImpactDevelopment
Center Opened; ODC Established by KPIT in India
RENESAS MCU Application Report Applications in Inverter Control Equipment
Dream Science - Walking in a Ubiquitous Society Vol. 3: Fantastic Voyage: Nano style


2006.10 vol.15

Special Feature The commercialization of robots may cate a whole new type of industry, one that involves an extensive exchange of technology with the broad field of embedded systems.
Customer Visit Algo System Co. Ltd.
System Solution SH-Navi 2V
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Renesas Microcomputers
Microcomputer Applications
Focus On Packaging 16-bit Microcomputers
Products  Information Application Processor for Mobile Phones
Series of LSI Devices for TV Systems
Tiny Varicap Diodes for Tunable Antennas
Support Renesas Starter Kits
Dream Science - Walking in a Ubiquitous Society Vol. 2: Scenery with robots


2006.07 vol.14

Special Feature With the mobile phone hardware and infrastructure becoming more sophisticated, successful strategies are likely to combine innovative usaga models with optimized, inexpensive handsets brought quickly to market
System Solution ZigBee Solution
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Renesas Microcomputers
M16C Family, M16C/Tiny Series
Products Information Ultra-Small High-Efficiency Digital Amplifier
Diodes with Lead-Free Glass Body
Echo ICs for Karaoke Equipment
High-performance SiGe MMIC
Address Driver for Plasma Display Panels
International Network Renesas Technology Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
Dream Science - Walking in a Ubiquitous Society Vol. 1: Wishing upon a Star with a Mobile Phone


2006.05 vol.13

Special Feature A major trend in video processing - the push to deliver active image generation - is creating a demand for faster, more flexble semiconductor solutions.
Customer Visit Casio Hitachi Mobile Communications Co. Ltd.
Views On
Renesas Microcomputers
High-end Products in SuperH RISC Engine Family
Renesas Network Renesas Design Corporation
Products & News Information 600MHz Microcomputer for Multimedia Systems
32-bit Microcomputers for IC Cards
Reset IC for Dual-Power-Supply Microcomputers
Dual-Port USB Host Controllers for Consumer Electronics
Joint Development of a W-CDMA Handset Platform
Focus On Packaging Chip-on-Chip Interconnect Technology


2006.01 vol.12

Special Feature Technology Strategy Aims to Help Customers Achieve Success Despite Major System Development Challenges of Rapidly Changing Markets
System Solution Progress Report from the 2005 SH-Mobile Laboratory
Focus On Packaging Small Battery Charging Control IC for Lithium Ion Batteries - M62245FP
Renesas Network Renesas Eastern Japan Semiconductor Inc.
Products & News Information 32-Bit Microcomputer with Internal Flash Memory SH7211F
16-bit Microcomputer for Smart Cards AE44C
Bi-Directional Zener Diode with High ESD Tolerance RKZ6.8T Series
Synchronous Rectifier Type DC-DC Converter R2A20101
Mobile Phone Solution Wipro AQUA Ported to the SH-Mobile
Dream Science - Walking in a Ubiquitous Society Part4-Omotesando Hills Is a Commercial Space with a Commanding Visual Presence,Offering Amenities that Bring Back the city's Memories


2005.10 vol.11

Special Feature Toyota Motor Corporation: Making Effective Use of Flash Microcomputers for the Rapid Development of New Automobiles
System Solution SH-Navi Consortium Supports CIS Development
Focus On Packaging MMICs for 5GHz Band Wireless LANs
Renesas Network Renesas Solutions Corp.
Views On
Renesas Microcomputers
Report from Fourth SuperH Open Forum
Leading Edge Technology
Real-time Compression Encoding of Video Images
Products Information 32-Bit RISC Microcomputer for Digital Audio Equipment
TV Tuner Varicap Diode for Mobile Phones
Single-Chip LCD Controller/Driver
Timing Controller for LCD Panels
Samples Shipped: Single-Chip LSI Jointly Developed with NTT DoCoMo
Dream Science - Walking in a Ubiquitous Society Part3 Redevelopment of Dai-Maru-Yu Area Aims to Create an Enhanced,New-Generation Business City


2005.07 vol.10

Special Feature One-segment Broadcasting Will Energize Mobile Phone Market, Alter Broadcasting and Contents Distribution
System Solution Improved IGBTs and driver ICs for Camera Strobes
Customer Visit ZMP
SH7760 in the “nuvo” Consumer Humanoid Robot
Renesas Network Renesas Technology Sales Co., Ltd.
Views On
Renesas Microcomputers
Low-cost, Short-TAT QzROM Microcontrollers
Leading Edge Technology
Silicon Electrode Technology for SIPs
Products Information Power MOSFET Chipsets for DC/DC Converters
Signal Processing LSI for LCD Televisions
Synchronous 8Mbit FIFO Memory
Microcontroller for 32-bit Smart Cards
Controller-Driver for QVGA-size TFT Color LCDs
Dream Science - Walking in a Ubiquitous Society Part2 Communities on New Rail Line Highlight the Pursuit of ubiquitousness for a Better Quality of Life


2005.04 vol.09

Special Feature Key Materials Concept Was Developed Using Handmade Experimental Device, Applying Knowledge Acquired via Personal Contacts
System Solution Automotive
New Developments in Car Audio Systems
Customer Visit Sharp Corporation
Focus On Packaging Uni-Logic ICs
Views On
Renesas Microcomputers
SH/Tiny Series: Small, Low-pin-count 32-bit RISC Chips
International Network Renesas Technology Korea Co., Ltd.
Products Information SH-Mobile3A Application Processor for Mobile Phones
H8SX 32-bit CISC Microcomputers
M16C/39P 16-bit Microcomputer with VFD Controller/Driver
H8S/2189F Flash microcomputer with Software IP Protection
R63400 Single-Chip LCD Controller/Driver
WLP-Based Semiconductor Mounting Technology
Lead Frames for Environmentally Friendly Packages
ISO/TS16949 Accreditation for Automotive Semiconductors
Quad-Band EDGE-Type RF Solution
Operating System for 3G Mobile Phone Platform
Software Interface Specification for IC Cards
Dream Science - Walking in a Ubiquitous Society Part1 Economic Development of Nagoya through Central japan Internarional Airport,a Logistics Hub and Human Hub


2005.01 vol.08

Special Feature Many Factors Are Shaping the Evolution and Adoption of Car Navigation and Telematics Systems around the World
System Solution SoC Hard Disk Drive Controller
Leading Edge Technology
Video Signal Processing ICs for LCD TVs
Focus On Packaging Blue-Violet Laser Diode Driver
Views On
Renesas Microcomputers
QNX Software Systems
Products Information 64-MHz M32C/95 Group Microcontrollers
SH7619 Processor with MAC and Ethernet PHY transceiver
Two-chip Power MOSFET Device
New Users: LG Electronics Applies SH-Mobile Application Processor
International Network Renesas Design Viet Nam Co., Ltd.


2004.10 vol.07

Special Feature Making Japanese Standards info World Standards
Customers Pioneer Corporation
System Solution Mobile: Advanced LCD drivers
Focus On Packaging Driver-MOSFET integrated SiP
Leading Edge Technology
Mobile: Accelerator for Java applications
Products Information 360MIPS microprocessor with SH-2A core
M32192 group 32-bit RISC microprocessors
Thin 1A Schottky barrier diodes
720MIPS/2.8GFLOPS SH-4 microprocessor
Renesas joins AUTOSAR Organization
Design company established in Vietnam
Renesas licenses FlexRay communications protocol
Views On
Renesas Microcomputers
SuperH Open Forum
Oaks Electronics
Hokuto Denshi


2004.07 vol.06

Special Feature The Sharing of Roadmaps by NTT DoCoMo and Renesas Helps Create the Future of Mobile Phones
System Solution Latest News from Key Sectors
Leading Edge Technology
AG-AND flash technology
Views On
Renesas Microcomputers
Microcomputer Update: VPU4 Media Accelerator
Partner Visits
Products Information News Releases: From March 25 to June 25, 2004
Focus On Packaging Flash memory card with internal IC card function
International Network New Renesas organization in China
Singapore Sales Office


2004.04 vol.05

Special Feature The Advent of the Ubiquitous Networked Society Gives
Japanese semiconductor Firms Special Opportunities to surge Ahead
System Solution Latest News from Key Sectors
The way to a cleaner environment: 32-bit microcontrollers in automotive applications
Views On
Renesas Microcomputers
Security Microcomputers for IC Cards Offer
Enhanced Support for Encryption and
Non-Contact Operation
Partners Offer Expertise for Mounting Renesas Microcomputers
Customer Visit Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
EXILIM Series Cameras Meet Aggressive Size
Goals to Become Popular "Wearable DSCs"
Products Information News Releases: From December 25, 2003 to March 25, 2004

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