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Business Continuity Update


Renesas Electronics Fab Network

Renesas Electronics uses a fab network strategy to be prepared against demand fluctuations and disasters, while meeting the rigorous quality standards for which the company is known.

A fab network is a highly flexible group of manufacturing plants and design processes that allow the same product to be manufactured at multiple facilities, thereby becoming resistant to demand fluctuations, natural disasters and accidents.

Renesas Fab Network Fact Sheet
Earthquake Recovery Timeline
Business Continuity Plan

Our Goal is to Ensure Continuous and Stable Production and Supply to Customers

Business Continuity Plan

Renesas in the News

Date Title Source
13 Mar 2012 Renesas' Sebt on Post-Tsunami Recovery The Washington Post
13 Mar 2012 Renesas CEO on Rebuilding Japan Factory Bloomberg TV
08 Mar 2012 Japan Earthquake, one year later: Reflections on unity EE Times
07 Mar 2012 Rebuilding auto industry's 'brain' supplier after tsunami
07 Mar 2012 Auto chip maker rebuilding after tsunami ClickOnDetroit
06 Mar 2012 Fukushima, One Year After IEEE Spectrum
05 Mar 2012 Renesas to speed up recovery in auto-chip supplies
05 Mar 2012 Renesas' Road to Recovery After Quake
04 Mar 2012 Japan Manufacturers in Post-Tsunami Rethink AFP (
02 Mar 2012 Toyota says supply chain will be ready by autumn for next big quake Reuters (UK)
23 Feb 2012 Quake-Rocked Renesas Feels Renewed, More Relevant (blog)
24 Jan 2012 Can Nissan’s 'Monozukuri' Overcome Strong Yen? (blog)
17 Jan 2012 Fabs at Risk From Ring of Fire EBN
04 Jan 2012 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Most Important Automotive Story of 2011 Autobytel
21 Dec 2011 Cold and Rainy Weather at Semicon Japan Doesn’t Dampen Industry Enthusiasm Semico Spin
05 Dec 2011 Disasters put old approaches to stern test Financial Times Print Edition (USA)
02 Dec 2012 Intel pushes Samsung back for 2011 semiconductor market leadership: Top 20 chip suppliers electroIQ
01 Dec 2012 Renesas Plans Upgrade for Japan Chip Production to Handle Major Earthquakes
30 Nov 2012 Renesas Recognised For Earthquake Response EPN Distilog (France)
29 Nov 2011 YASUSHI AKAO, President, Renesas Electronics Corp. Automotive News Europe
21 Nov 2011 IHS downgrades semiconductor forecast within positive territory electroIQ
17 Nov 2011 Semiconductor industry affected by disasters and economic uncertainty CNET Asia
16 Nov 2011 Made in Japan' brand at crossroads as firms ponder moving production overseas Japan Today
16 Nov 2011 Disasters, economic malaise whack chip industry CNET News
01 Nov 2011 How to Protect Your Supply Chain Vision Magazine
31 Oct 2011 Hit By Disasters Honda Q2 Profit Tanks Business World (India)
31 Oct 2011 Honda Withdraws Annual Guidance on Currency Markets Uncertainty, Thailand Floods International Business Times
31 Oct 2011 Honda says it's in a "tough spot" CANOE Money (Canada)
31 Oct 2011 Honda Withdraws Earnings Guidance On Currency Markets, Thai Floods Huffington Post
31 Oct 2011 Single MCU caters for multiple infotainment standards Automotive Industries
31 Oct 2011 Renesas mired in red on microchip sales drop Japan Today
31 Oct 2011 Thailand floods hit Alliston Honda plant National Post
30 Oct 2011 Honda Withdraws Annual Guidance, Quarterly Profit Tanks CNBC
26 Oct 2011 Floods and the mad migration of parts Today Online/CTV News
23 Oct 2011 Automotive Semiconductor Inventory Recently Peaked at 93 Days—Highest in Three Years iSuppli
22 Oct 2011 Warnings from the land of the rising yen as 'lost decade' looms for UK The Guardian (UK)
21 Oct 2011 Foundries opt out of chip manufacturing stats EE Times
18 Oct 2011 Electronics company to include suppliers in continuity plans Supply Management
14 Oct 2011 House of a rising sun FT Advisor
10 Oct 2011 IEF: Japan can rise again, says exec EE Times
09 Oct 2011 Japan's plants hum, but hurdles remain Automotive News
05 Oct 2011 Renesas Recounts Japan Earthquake Recovery DesignNews
03 Oct 2011 Renesas' speedy recovery from quake is "miraculous" Electronic Products and Technology
02 Oct 2011 Renesas: A three-horn dilemma with a three-prong solution EE Times
19 Sep 2011 Renesas details earthquake recovery efforts Automotive Engineering International (AEI)
17 Sep 2011 Renesas enhancing localization of products in India! Pradeep’s Point
02 Sep 2011 CEO Blog: Balancing the Supply Chain After a Disaster: There is No Risk-Free Position CNBC
30 Aug 2011 Flirting with disaster EE Times
29 Aug 2011 Renesas Reboots The Detroit Bureau
24 Aug 2011 Mahoney Says Renesas's Quake Recovery 'Remarkable' Story
24 Aug 2011 Mahoney Says Renesas's Quake Recovery 'Remarkable' Story The Washington Post
25 Aug 2011 How A Semi-Conductor Plant Rebooted After The Japanese Earthquake And Saved Car Manufacturers Everywhere Richest Kid on
25 Aug 2011 How A Semi-Conductor Plant Rebooted After The Japanese Earthquake And Saved Car Manufacturers Everywhere Fast Company
23 Aug 2011 Renesas eyes returning chip shipments to prequake level in mid-Sept TMCNet
22 Aug 2011 Building Unity Out of Disaster EE Times
11 Aug 2011 How Japanese Chipmaker Renesas Recovered From the Earthquake IEEE Spectrum
03 Aug 2011 Image Gallery: Recovering Renesas’ Naka Fab EE Times
03 Aug 2011 Post quake: 'The finest hour' of Renesas and the industry EE Times
01 Aug 2011 Renesas: Rebuilt and revitalized electroIQ
01 Aug 2011 Microcontrollers with real-time advantages Hearst Electronics Products
01 Aug 2011 The chips were down; Renesas responded - Recovery is months ahead of schedule Automotive News
01 Aug 2011 Japan’s tsunami supply chain comeback Financial Times
01 Aug 2011 Japan recovering from the quake Dataweek
22 Jul 2011 Renesas Recovery Post Japan Earthquake/Tsunami GLG Reseach
22 Jul 2011 Omedeto, Renesas! Congratulations Gehrson Lehrman Group
19 Jul 2011 A Solution to the 450mm Equipment Problem EBN
19 Jul 2011 Recovery in Japan's Supply Chain - Audio (Renesas discussion at minutes 12:10 to 15:08), Transcript (Renesas discussion at 13:18:47 to 13:21:42) The Kojo Nnamdi Show
18 Jul 2011 Omedeto, Renesas! Congratulations! Semico Spin
15 Jul 2011 Renesas - A Tale of Recovery Strategy Analytics
01 Jul 2011 Taiwan foundries to benefit from new Renesas strategy, says paper DigiTimes
01 Jul 2011 Renesas - Recovery (Video) RenesasPresents (YouTube Channel)

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