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This contact list is for journalists only. If you are not a journalist, click the “Contact Us” button at the top of the page to send your inquiry.


Renesas Electronics Corporation

Kyoko Okamoto

E-mail address for Japan PR


Renesas Electronics America Inc.

Lisa Neitzel
Voce Communications/Porter Novelli
+1 408-482-3791

E-mail address for Americas PR


Renesas Electronics Europe GmbH

Oliver Luettgen

E-mail address for Europe PR


Renesas Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Yeoh Tang Tee
+(65) 6213-0320

E-mail address for Singapore PR

Mainland China

Renesas Electronics (China) Co., Ltd.

瑞萨电子大中国区 公共关系科

+86-10-8235-1155 ext.6063

E-mail address for Mainland China PR

Hong Kong

Renesas Electronics Hong Kong Limited

Silkie Lau

E-mail address for Hong Kong PR

Taiwan Region

Renesas Electronics Taiwan Co., Ltd.

Frankie Tseng

E-mail address for Taiwan PR


Renesas Electronics Korea Co., Ltd.

JoongOh, Kim

E-mail address for Korea PR

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