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18 Oct 2012Renesas Electronics Releases New Power Supply ICs that Cut Microcontroller Power Supply System Component Counts by 50 percent and Significantly Reduce Standby Mode Power
11 Oct 2012Renesas Electronics Announces Availability of Industry's First Microcontroller-Based Scalable Power Supply System Solution
12 Sep 2012Renesas Electronics Delivers Industry's First NFC Wireless Charging Solution Enabling Transmission and Reception of Power with a Single Antenna
11 July 2012Renesas Electronics 7th-Generation 650V and 1250V IGBT Series sets a new technology benchmark enabling high efficiency solutions in Industrial Applications such as Inverters for Solar Power and Industrial Motors
21 Jun 2012 Renesas Electronics Introduces New Super Junction MOSFETs with Industry-Leading Low On-State Resistance, Low Gate Charge and Fast Body Diodes for Improved Reverse Recovery Performance
16 May 2012 Renesas Electronics Introduces Photocoupler with Long External Creepage Distance of 14.5 mm Complying with the Safety Standards Requiring High Insulation Voltage of 690 V and Others
10 Apr. 2012 Renesas Electronics Introduces Low-Loss, Ultra Miniature Power MOSFETs for Improved Power Efficiency, Smaller Form Factor in Portable Devices
5 Apr. 2012 Renesas Electronics Introduces 14 New Intelligent Power Devices with Enhanced Protection Functions for Automotive Body Applications

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