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Product Overview:

Remote controller MCU with built-in carrier wave generating function, power-onreset, and voltage drop detection circuit. Maximum oscillation frequency is 4MHz. Comes in a 20-pin package. This QzROM version is pin-compatible with the 4283 Group.

720 Series QzROM


Key Features:

  • Number of basic instructions: 72
  • Minimum instruction execution time: 2.0 μs (at f(XIN) = 4.0 MHz, systemclock = f(XIN)/2)
  • Supply voltage: 1.8 V to 3.6 V
  • Subroutine nesting: 4 levels
  • Timer
    • Timer 1: 8-bit timer (This has a reload register and carrier wave outputauto-control function)
    • Timer 2: 8-bit timer (This has two reload registers and carrier wave outputfunction)
  • Logic operation function (XOR, OR, AND)
  • RAM back-up function
  • Key-on wakeup function (ports D0-D7, E0-E2, G0-G3): 15
  • I/O port (ports D, E, G, CARR): 16
  • Oscillation circuit: Ceramic resonance
  • Watchdog timer
  • Power-on reset circuit
  • Voltage drop detection circuit
    • Before CLVD instruction execution
      Reset occurrence: 1.5 V (Ta=25 degrees C)
      Reset release: 1.7 V (Ta=25 degrees C)
    • After CLVD instruction execution
      Reset occurrence/Reset release: 1.7 V (Ta=25 degrees C)

Key Applications:

Consumer remote control transmitters

Product Lineup:

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