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Product Overview:

The UPD78033x microcontroller is 8-bit microocntroller for LCD control applications.

Key Features:

Operating voltage: VDD = 1.8 to 5.5 V
Max. frequency: 10 MHz
ROM capacities: 48 KB to 60 KB mask ROM and 60 KB flash memory
RAM capacities: 2.5 KB
120-pin plastic TQFP package
Minimum instruction execution time changeable from high speed (0.2 µs: @10 MHz operation with main system clock) to ultra-low speed (122 µs: @32.768 kHz operation with subsystem clock)
Instruction set suited to system control

  • Bit manipulation possible in all address spaces
  • Multiply and divide instructions

I/O port:

  • µPD780336, 780338: 54 (Medium voltage N-ch open-drain: 4)
  • µPD78F0338: 70 (Medium voltage N-ch open-drain: 4)

10-bit resolution A/D converter: 10 channels
8-bit resolution D/A converter: 1 channel
LCD controller/driver

  • Segment signal output 32 max. µPD780336, 780338, 78F0338
  • Common signal output: Dynamic display: 4 max. / Static display: 1
  • LCD reference voltage generator: booster type (x3 only)
  • Fine tuning of LCD reference voltage possible with external resistor
  • Blinking display possible (blinking interval can be selected: 0.5 s or 1 s)
  • Static display and dynamic display (1/3 bias only) can be used simultaneously (Static display up to 12)

Serial interface

  • UART/3-wire serial I/O mode: 1 channel
  • 3-wire serial I/O mode: 1 channel

Timer: 7 channels

  • 16-bit timer/event counter: 2 channels
  • 8-bit timer/event counter: 3 channels
  • Watch timer: 1 channel
  • Watchdog timer: 1 channel

ROM correction
Vectored interrupt sources: 25
2 types of on-chip clock oscillators (main system clock and subsystem clock)

Key Applications:

  • Cordless telephones (handset), compact cameras, etc.

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