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Product Overview:

The UPD78907x microcontroller is 8-bit 78K0S core microcontroller for general purpose.

Key Features:

Operating voltage: VDD = 1.8 to 5..5 V
Max. frequency: 10 MHz
ROM capacities: 8 KB mask ROM and 16 KB flash memory
RAM capacities: 256 bytes
30-pin plastic SSOP package
System clock: Ceramic/crystal oscillation
Minimum instruction execution time can be changed from high-speed (0.2 µs) to low speed (0.8 µs) (at 10.0 MHz, VDD = 4.5 to 5.5 V operation with system clock)
I/O ports: 24
Timer: 3 channels

  • 16-bit timer: 1 chennel
  • 8-bit timer/event counter: 1 channel
  • Watchdog timer: 1 channel

Serial interface: 1 channel

  • 3-wire serial I/O mode/UART mode: 1 channel

Vectored interrupt sources: 9
On-chip bit sequential buffer
Operating ambient temperature: TA = -40 to +85°C

Key Applications:

  • Small, general home electrical appliances, telephones, etc.

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