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Product Overview:

The UPD78948x microcontroller is 8-bit 78K0S core microcontroller for LCD control applications.

Key Features:

Operating voltage: VDD = 1.8 to 5.5 V
Max. frequency: 5 MHz
ROM capacities: 32 KB to 48 KB mask ROM
RAM capacities: 1 KB to 1.5 KB
80-pin plastic TQFP, QFP package
Minimum instruction execution time can be selected from high speed (0.4 µs: @5.0 MHz operation with main system clock), low speed (1.6 µs: @5.0 MHz operation with main system clock), and ultra low speed (122 µs: @32.768 kHz operation with subsystem clock)
A circuit to multiply the subsystem clock by 4 is selectable (15.26 µs: @131 kHz operation: 32.768 kHz subsystem clock x 4)
I/O ports: 45 (N-ch open-drain: 4)
Timer: 6 channels
Serial interface: 2 channels
8-bit resolution A/D converter: 8 channels
LCD controller/driver (external resistance division method) Segment signals: 28, common signals: 4
On-chip multiplier: 8 bits x 8 bits = 16 bits
On-chip infrared remote control reception function
On-chip key return signal detector

Key Applications:

  • CD radio-cassette players, portable audio, compact cameras, healthcare equipment, etc.

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