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Product Overview:

The high-end 78K0/Lx3 microcontrollers have embedded flash memory, an on-chip oscillator and a built-in, high-precision A/D converter. Low power consumption (as low as 2.3 µA typical in sub-HALT mode) make them ideal for LCD control applications.

Pin Count / Memory Size Lineup:


Key Features:

Operating voltage: VDD = 1.8 to 5.5 V
Max. frequency: 10 MHz
ROM capacities: 8 to 60 KB flash memory
RAM capacities:

  • 512 bytes to 1 KB (78K0/LC3, 78K0/LD3)
  • Internal High-Speed RAM 768 bytes to 1 KB / Internal Expansion RAM 1 KB (78K0/LE3, 78K0/LF3)

48-pin/64-pin plastic LQFP package
Minimum instruction execution time can be changed from high speed (0.2 μs: @ 10 MHz operation with highspeed system clock) to ultra low-speed (122 μs: @ 32.768 kHz operation with subsystem clock)
General-purpose register: 8 bits x 32 registers (8 bits x 8 registers x 4 banks)
On-chip single-power-supply flash memory
Self-programming (with boot swap function)
On-chip debug function
On-chip power-on-clear (POC) circuit and low-voltage detector (LVI)
On-chip watchdog timer (operable with internal low-speed oscillation clock)
LCD controller/driver (external resistance division and internal resistance division are switchable)

Product Name Max. LCD segment count
4 com. 8 com.
78K0/LC3 µPD78F040x, µPD78F041x 22x4= 88 18x8= 144
78K0/LD3 µPD78F042x, µPD78F043x 24x4= 96 20x8= 160
78K0/LE3 µPD78F044x, µPD78F045x 32x4= 128 28x8= 224
µPD78F046x 24x4= 96 20x8= 160
78K0/LF3 µPD78F047x, µPD78F048x 40x4= 160 36x8= 288
µPD78F049x 32x4= 128 28x8= 224

On-chip segment key scan function: 8 channels
On-chip key interrupt function: 8 channels
On-chip buzzer output controller
I/O ports: 30/34/46/62
Timer: 9 channels

  • 16-bit timer/event counter: 1 channel
  • 8-bit timer/event counter: 3 channels
  • 8-bit timer: 3 channels
  • Real-time counter (RTC): 1 channel
  • Watchdog timer: 1 channel

Serial interface: 2 channels

  • UART (LIN (Local Interconnect Network)-bus supported): 1 channel
  • UART: 1 channel

16-bit delta-sigma type A/D converter: 3 channels (μPD78F046x only)
10-bit successive approximation type A/D converter: 6 channels (μPD78F041x only), 8 channels (μPD78F045x and 78F046x only)
Manchester code generator
Remote controller receiver
Operating ambient temperature: TA = -40 to +85°C

Key Applications:

  • APS cameras, Digital cameras, Home audio, Air conditioners, Washing machines, Induction heater cooking, Electric rice cookers, Power meters, Pedometers, Weight scales etc.


Product Lineup:


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