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This is a low power consumption product series lineup within the H8S series boasting low-voltage operation (Flash models 2.2V, MaskROM models 2.2.V) as well as an internal subclock, and incorporating built-ins such as USB function, LCD controller (LCDC), I2C bus and IE bus.  They are optimal for application in mobile phones, general-purpose USB devices and car audio systems.

Key Applications

Mobile phones, MDs, scanners, car audio systems, gas meters, notebook PCs, PC servers




In addition to the standard peripherals, this small package model has abuilt-in DMAC and DTC. Furthermore, the built-in high-speed SCI enables datatransfer at high speeds.


Incorporating an on-chip high-speed SCI, DMAC, and DTC in addition to thestandard peripheral modules in a small package, this product group is capableof high-speed data transfer. Furthermore, flash memory programming via USB issupported by the inclusion of a USB interface(control/bulk/interrupt/isochronous transfer). The H8S/2215R and the H8S/2215Tsupport on-chip emulation (E10A-USB), making development using more economicaldevelopment tools possible.

H8S/2218, 2212

Products in the H8S/2218 and 2212 Group are equipped with on-chip 32 kHzoscillation circuit subclocks. Incorporating an on-chip high-speed SCI, DMAC,and DTC in addition to the standard peripheral modules in a small package, thisproduct group is capable of high-speed data transfer. Additionally, flashmemory programming via USB is supported by the inclusion of a USB interface(control/bulk/interrupt transfer). Since on-chip emulation (E10A) is supported(flash memory version only), development using more economical developmenttools possible.


H8S/2245 Group products are single-chip microcomputers with 128kB of internal ROM and 8kB of internal RAM. They come in 100-pin packages.

H8S/2258, 2239, 2238, 2237, 2227

Products in this group contain a built-in 32kHz oscillation circuitsubclock. In addition to the standard peripherals, the lineup includes productsincorporating communication features such as I2C-bus interface, IEBusTMinterface and high-speed SCI interface. Packages of 100 pins or 112 pins areavailable.

H8S/2268, 2264

This group of products comes with an internal 32kHz oscillation circuitsubclock. The 100-pin products incorporate an LCD controller, DTMP controller(H8S/2268 Group), LCD (H8S/2264 Group), and I2C-bus interface in addition tothe standard peripheral modules.

H8S/2282, 2280

This group of products incorporates features such as an HCAN interface(H8S/2282, 2281), LCD controller, motor control PWM timer, and PLL clockfrequency multiplier in addition to the standard peripherals. They come in100-pin packages.

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