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Product Overview:

The H8S/2355 Group is a group of high-performance microcontrollers with the internal 32-bit H8S/2000 CPU core, and a set of on-chip supporting functions required for system configuration.
The H8S/2000 CPU can execute basic instructions in one state, and is provided with sixteen 16-bit general registers with a 32-bit internal configuration, and a concise and optimized instruction set. The CPU can handle a 16 Mbyte linear address space (architecturally 4 Gbytes). Programs based on the high-level language C can also be run efficiently.
The address space is divided into eight areas. The data bus width and access states can be selected for each of these areas, and various kinds of memory can be connected fast and easily.
On-chip memory consists of large-capacity ROM and RAM. PROM (OTP) and mask ROM versions are available, providing a quick and flexible response to conditions from ramp-up through full-scale volume production, even for applications with frequently changing specifications.
On-chip supporting functions include a 16-bit timer pulse unit (TPU), 8-bit timers, watchdog timer (WDT), serial communication interface (SCI), A/D converter, D/A converter, and I/O ports.
An on-chip data transfer controller (DTC) is also provided, enabling high-speed data transfer without CPU intervention.
Use of the H8S/2355 Group enables compact, high-performance systems to be implemented easily.

Key Features:

  • Operating frequency (MHz)/Supply voltage (V)
    • 20MHz/4.5 to 5.5V
    • 13MHz/3.3V (Mask version only)
    • 10MHz/2.7 to 5.5V
  • 5V single power supply
  • On-chip memory
    • 128kB/4kB: H8S/2355
    • 64kB/2kB: H8S/2353
    • 32kB/4kB: H8S/2393
  • Packages
  • Pin compatible* with the 0.35μm H8S/2328 group
        Note: * The H8S/2329 has an EMLE pin

Key Applications:

Game Music Instruments, Remote Controller, Office automation equipment, PC Peripherals(External memory, Input, Output), Communication equipment Telephone, home information appliances, and Digital consumer applications

General Functions

  • High-speed H8S/2000 central processing unit with 16-bit architecture
    • Upward-compatible with H8/300 and H8/300H CPUs on an object level
    • Sixteen 16-bit general registers
    • 65 basic instructions
    • Address space: 16M byte
  • Interrupt
    • Internal: 41: H8S/2355, 2353
    • Internal: 35: H8S/2393
    • External: 9
  • Bus controller
    • External data bus width: 8/16 bits
  • Varioius peripheral functions
    • Data transfer controller (DTC) x 85ch
    • 16-bit timer-pulse unit (TPU) x 6ch
    • 8-bit timer x 2ch
    • Watchdog timer x 1ch
    • Serial communication interface (SCI) x 3ch
    • 10-bit A/D converter x 8ch
    • 8-bit D/A converter x 2ch
        Note: The H8S/2393 does not support a D/A converter.
  • General I/O ports
    • I/O pins: 87
    • Input-only pins: 2


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