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This is a new product series with signal processing circuits and abundant on-chip peripheral functions.
It has an image signal processing circuit and a user-friendly interface for external devices, which makes it well-suited for PDP (plasma display panel), LCD monitor, and projector applications.

Key Applications

Video monitors, TVs, and FPDs (LCD, PDP, projector)



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H8S/2426, 2426R, 2424

The H8S/2426, 2426R, and 2424 Group is a lineup of 3.3 V and 5.0 V productsinheriting the functions of the H8S/2300 Series. They have an operatingfrequency of 33 MHz, an on-chip EXDMAC*1 and SDRAMI/F*2, and are available in LGA-145-pin (H8S/2426 and 2426R), LQFP-144-pin (H8S/2426 and 2426R) and LQFP-120-pin (H8S/2424) packages. Thisgeneral-purpose product series is optimal for a wide range of system controlapplications.
*1: Not supported by the H8S/2424 Group.
*2: Supported only by theH8S/2426R Group.

H8S/2427, 2427R, 2425

The H8S/2427, 2427R, and 2425 Group of products supports Full-ICE (E100emulator) and has an increased ROM size of 512 KB compared to the H8S/2426, 2426R, and 2424 Group. An FSI interface has also been added.

H8S/2456, 2456R, 2454

The H8S/2456, 2456R, and 2454 Group is a lineup of 3.3 V products inheritingthe functions of the H8S/2300 Series. They have an operating frequency of 32MHz (up to 33 MHz actual operation possible), an on-chip USB 2.0 functionmodule and SDRAMI/F*, and are available in LGA-145-pin (H8S/2456 and 2456R), LQFP-144-pin (H8S/2456 and 2456R) and LQFP-120-pin (H8S/2454) packages. This general-purpose product series is optimal fora wide range of system control applications.
*: Supported only by the H8S/2456RGroup.

H8S/2472, 2463, 2462

These products achieve low-voltage/high-speed operation (3 V/34 MHz) andboast a variety of built-in interfaces, starting with an Ethernet controller,in addition to the standard peripherals. Furthermore, on-chip emulator (E10A)support enables development using more economical development tools. Packagesof LQFP-144-pin (H8S/2463 and H8S/2462) and BGA-176-pin (H8S/2472) pins are available.

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