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Product Overview:

The H8S/2633, H8S/2695 Group of products incorporates a built-in subclock(32kHz oscillation circuit). These microcomputers have built-in 16bit x 16bitmultipliers. These 120-pin and 128-pin package products are equipped withserial 5ch (I2C bus 2ch), DMA controller 2ch, PLL clock frequency multiplierand powerful timers in addition to the standard peripheral modules.

Key Features:

  • High-efficiency H8S/2600CPU
    • High-speed operation: Single-state basic instruction operation
    • Minimum instruction execution time
      • H8S/2633R, H8S/2695: 35.7ns
      • H8S/2633, 2632, 2631: 40ns
        (25MHz/Vcc=3.3V, PVcc=5.0V)
  • Internal multiplier: 16bit x 16bit (4 states)
  • Large-capacity on-chip memory
    • 256kB Flash ROM
    • 16kB RAM
  • Powerful timers
    • TPU(16-bit Timer Pulse Unit)×6ch
    • 8-bit timer×2ch *1
  • Built-in SCI×5ch
  • Built-in A/D converter×16ch
  • Internal PLL clock frequency multiplier
  • Subclock operation (32kHZ) *1
  • Packages


(New Renesas Code)

(See Product Lineup.)
TFP-120 (PTQP0120LA-A)
(See Product Lineup.)
(See Product Lineup.)
FP-128B (PRQP0128KB-A)
(See Product Lineup.)

Key Applications:

Cameras (DSC), game devices, music devices, remote controls, OA devices, PCperipherals (external memory, input, output), communication devices(telephones), digital consumer products, printers (MFP, PPC, LBP)

Built-in Functions

  • High-speed H8S/2000 central processing unit with 16-bit architecture
    • Upward-compatible with H8/300 and H8/300H CPUs on an object level
    • Sixteen 16-bit general registers
    • 69 basic instructions
    • Address space: 16M byte
  • Interrupt
    • Internal: 49: H8S/2695
    • Internal: 72: H8S/2633R, 2633, 2632, 2631
    • External: 7
  • Bus controller
    • External data bus width: 8/16 bits
  • Varioius peripheral functions
    • PC break controller x 2ch*
    • DMA controller (DMAC)*
    • Data transfer controller (DTC) x 85ch*
    • 16-bit timer pulse unit (TPU) x 6ch
    • Programmable pulse generator (PPG) x 8ch*
    • 8-bit timer x 4ch*
    • Watchdog timer (WDT)
      • H8S/2633R, 2633, 2632, 2631: x 2ch
      • H8S/2695: x 1ch
    • 14-bit PWM timer (PWM)*
    • Serial communication interface (SCI) x 5ch (SCI0 to SCI4)
    • IrDA-equipped SCI x 1ch*
    • 10-bit A/D converter x 16ch
    • 8-bit D/A converter x 4ch*
    • Clock pulse generator
    • I2C bus interface (IIC) x 2ch* (option)
      Note: * This function is not available in theH8S/2695.
  • General I/O ports
    • I/O pins: 73
    • Input-only pins: 16


Product Lineup:

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