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Product Overview:

The H8S/2655 Group of microcomputers incorporates 16bitx 16bit multipliers.These 120- and 128-pin products are equipped with high-level peripheralfeatures such as a built-in high-speed A/D converter (conversion time: 1μs inscan mode) and DMAC in addition to the standards.

Key Features:

  • Internal multiplier
    • 16bit x 16bit (4 states)
  • Minimum instruction execution time
    • 50ns (20MHz/5V)
    • 100ns (10MHz/3V)
  • Bus controllers
    • Divided into 8 areas, specification setting for each area possible
      (bus width, wait state, CS output)
    • DRAM high-speed page mode
    • ROM page mode
    • Write buffer module
  • Highly functional peripherals
    • High-speed A/D converterx8ch
      (Consecutive conversion: 1μs)
    • DMAC etc.
  • Packages


(New Renesas Code)

(See Product Lineup.)
TFP-120 (PTQP0120LA-A)
(See Product Lineup.)
(See Product Lineup.)
FP-128B (PRQP0128KB-A)
(See Product Lineup.)

Key Applications:

Game devices, music devices, remote controls, office appliances, PCperipherals, communication devices (telephones), home information appliances,digital consumer products

Built-in Functions

  • High-speed H8S/2000 central processing unit with 16-bit architecture
    • Upward-compatible with H8/300 and H8/300H CPUs on the object level
    • Sixteen 16-bit general registers
    • 69 basic instructions
    • Address space: 16 M bytes
  • Interrupts
    • Internal: 52
    • External: 9
  • Bus controller
    • External data bus width: 8/16 bits
  • Peripheral functions
    • DMA controller (DMAC)
    • PC break controller x 2 ch
    • Data transfer controller (DTC) x 85 ch
    • 16-bit timer pulse unit (TPU) x 6 ch
    • Programmable pulse generator (PPG) x 16 ch
    • 8-bit timer x 2 ch
    • Watchdog timer (WDT) x 1 ch
    • Serial communication interface (SCI) x 3 ch
    • 10-bit A/D converter x 8 ch
      • High-speed conversion
    • 8-bit D/A converter x 2ch
    • Clock pulse generator
  • General I/O ports
    • I/O pins: 87
    • Input-only pins: 8


Product Lineup:


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