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H8S Family



The H8S family has an wide-ranging lineup of product series to meet the demands of various customer applications.
Diverse customer needs can be met with on-board interfaces for applications such as LPC, BMC, ISA bus controller, I2C, USB, CAN, Eternet, IE bus controller and LCD controller. 3 V/5 V - I/F combination and high-speed low-voltage operations are also supported.
H8S products consist of static circuits.(This is what the S in H8S refers to.)Additionally, the H8S family allows provision as IP of various peripheral functions, including CPU cores, and also smooth development of ASIC and SOC products.

Key Applications

Notebook PCs, PCservers (BMC), net workservers, printer, multifunction printers, scanner, automobile LANs, car audio systems, automobile meters, mobile phones, ePOS systems, card reader, TVs, flat-panel displays(LCD, PDP, projector)


H8S Family Selection by Application and Application Field

The HCAN is a module for controlling a controller area network (CAN) for realtime communication in vehicular and industrial equipment systems, etc. For details on CAN specification, refer to Bosch CAN Specification Version 2.0 1991, Robert Bosch GmbH.
Supports all modes in which transfer speeds differ, from "Mode 0" to "Mode 2". Using data transmission by DTC, CPU load is reduced sharply (Approx. 1/2). Using abundant error status flags to realize appropriate error processing
Suitable for a wide range of systems, including audio equipment, electronic game machines, printers, scanners, modems, and otehr PC peripherals.



The H8S/Tiny Series incorporates functions for reducing the CPU processing load and improving ease of use, including an event link controller and peripheral I/O mapping controller as first-time functions for Renesas Electronics, that simplify the development of high-performance products, together with a rich set of peripheral functions that enable lower product prices to be achieved.

H8S/20103R, 20115R | H8S/20203R, 20215R | H8S/20223R, 20235R | H8S/20323R, 20335R | H8S/20115, 20103 | H8S/20215, 20203 | H8S/20235, 20223


Versions very suitable for office equipment  applications, with on-chip I2C Bus, Keyboard Buffer, LPC, and ISA Bus, are currently available.

H8S/2110B | H8S/2111B | H8S/2112, 2112R | H8S/2113 | H8S/2114R | H8S/2116 | H8S/2128, 2124 | H8S/2138, 2134 | H8S/2140B | H8S/2144B,2134B | H8S/2148, 2144 | H8S/2153 | H8S/2164 | H8S/2168 | H8S/2172 | H8S/2189R | H8S/2199R | H8S/2117, 2117R | H8S/2125


We are now expanding our low-power subclock built-ins and special-function built-ins (USB, LCD, IEBus, etc.) optimized for mobile phone devices.

H8S/2214 | H8S/2215 | H8S/2218, 2212 | H8S/2245 | H8S/2258, 2239, 2238, 2237, 2227 | H8S/2268, 2264 | H8S/2282, 2280


The standard H8S microcomputer. Supports a wide range of applications. A large selection of high-capacity flash memory version is available. A high-performance 33 MHz model is also available.

H8S/2319 | H8S/2329 | H8S/2339 | H8S/2345 | H8S/2350 | H8S/2355 | H8S/2368 | H8S/2378, 2378R | H8S/2398, 2357


Integrates the H8S/2300 Series with high-performance peripheral functions and the exclusive functions exclusive to the H8S/2100 H8S/2400 Series lineup with enhanced peripheral I/F!

H8S/2426, 2426R, 2424 | H8S/2427, 2427R, 2425 | H8S/2456, 2456R, 2454 | H8S/2472, 2463, 2462


Products with built-in low-power/sub-clock and built-in CAN bus, IE Bus and I2C Bus are available.

H8S/2556, 2552, 2506


The high-end product of the H8S family, the H8S/2600 series is a must for performance gains. This product lineup is optimal for in-vehicle controls and factory automation applications.

H8S/2602 | H8S/2604 | H8S/2607 | H8S/2609 | H8S/2612 | H8S/2615 | H8S/2628 | H8S/2630, 2639, 2638, 2636, 2635 | H8S/2633 | H8S/2643 | H8S/2648, 2646 | H8S/2649 | H8S/2655 | H8S/2668 | H8S/2678, 2678R

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