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Product Overview:

H8/38602R Group comprises 16-bit single-chip microcomputers made up of theH8/300H CPU core as their cores and adopted the ultra-small chip package (QFN32pin, 5mm x 6mm). This device is a new member of H8/300H Super Low PowerSeries employing the technique of Super Low Power microcomputer which has theadvantage of low power consumption and low voltage operation, and is suitablefor use in battery-powered equipment. On-chip peripheral functions includetimers such as 16bit timer pulse unit, asynchronous event counter (AEC) andreal-time clock (RTC), which can meet the various needs. Also it adds serialcommunication interfaces and SSU/I2C bus interface which make it possible toconnect with I/F with various sensor IC and external EEPROM, etc.

Key Features:

  • 16bit H8-300H CPU
  • low-power consumption
  • Much shorter oscillator stabilization time (than previous models)
  • On-chip low-voltage (minimam1.8v) operation flash version
  • Small package (QFN 32pin 5mm x 6mm)

Key Applications:

Sensors, portable digital consumer products, meters, wireless instruments,battery powered applications

Product Lineup:


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