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H8 Super Low Power



H8 Super Low Power

Renesas's H8 Super Low Power Microcomputers provide low power consumption, low voltage operation and low noise microcomputers for all battery powered products or low power applications. Super Low Power Microcomputer have three CPU options ranging from low cost 8-bit (H8/300L) microcomputers to powerful 16-bit devices (H8/300H and H8S). Super Low Power Microcomputer offer various on-chip peripheral functions with a wide range of on-chip flash memory options for ease of product development.


  • Multiple techniques minimize power consumption and extend battery life
    • Low-power CMOS technology
    • Low-voltage operation (1.8V)
    • Power-down modes
  • Shorter oscillation stabilization time lets application wake up faster from standby mode, conserving power
  • High-current port for driving LEDs directly
  • 16-bit asynchronous counter operates even when device is in standby mode
  • Code-and peripheral-function compatibility with other Renesas microcontroller families
  • Low-cost development tools using on-chip debug


Product Selection:

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H8 Super Low Power Series Roadmap H8/300L Super Low Power H8/300H Super Low Power H8S/2268, 2264


H8/300H Super Low Power

16-bit single-chip microcomputers designed for healthcare equipment, metering applications and all battery powered products

H8/38076R | H8/38086R | H8/38099 | H8/38602R | H8/38776 | H8/38799 | H8/38704, 38702S | H8/38524 | H8/38537

H8/300L Super Low Power

8-bit single-chip microcomputers designed for consumer electronics, communication equipment and all battery powered products

H8/3802, 38002S, 38004, 38104 | H8/38024R, 38024, 38024S, 38124 | H8/3827R, 3827S, 38327, 38427 | H8/3847R, 3847S, 38347, 38447 | H8/3854 | H8/3857 | H8/3867 | H8/3887 | H8/3937, 3937R

H8S/2268, 2264

This group of products comes with an internal 32kHz oscillation circuitsubclock. The 100-pin products incorporate an LCD controller, DTMP controller(H8S/2268 Group), LCD (H8S/2264 Group), and I2C-bus interface in addition tothe standard peripheral modules.

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