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SH7216 Series


SH7216 MCU Series

The SH7216 offers the highest levels of performance of most any flash-based MCU. The superscalar RISC core supports 2.0 Dhrystone MIPS/MHz for a maximum of 400 DMIPS (200MHz Operating Frequency) in combination with a 64-bit double precision FPU. High speed internal flash memory with memory optimization techniques allow the SH7216 to operate up to 200MHz with no wait states. Interrupt latency is only 9 cycles allowing quick context switching with up to 15 independent banks of registers. The SH7216 contains specialized motor control timers and fast 1us ADCs which support 3 simultaneous sample and hold registers optimized for advanced 3 phase motor control. The ADC also supports a 5V input range even though the CPU voltage is 3V, a rare but very useful combination. Rich connectivity rounds out the product supporting fast streaming data through Ethernet, CAN and USB.

Are you running out of performance from your existing flash-based MCUs? If so, look at the SH7216. With the superscalar core along with double precision FPU you can also use a single SH7216 to replace a two chip MCU + DSP design saving cost simplifying your design at the same time. A wide range of memory sizes allow you to scale from small projects to larger ones using the same pinout: Flash from 512KB to 1MB, Data Flash of 32KB and SRAM from 64KB to 128KB.

Key Applications

  • AC Drives
  • Building access/security
  • Motion Controllers
  • Medical Devices like AEDs, Sleep Apnea Machines
  • Solar Inverters

Development Tools

The low-cost Renesas Demostration Kit for SH7216 (YRDKSH7216) is intended as a user-friendly introductory and demonstration tool for the SH7216 microcontroller. The board also provides a useful platform for evaluating the Renesas suite of development tools for coding and debugging, using High-performance Embedded Workshop Integrated Development Environment (HEW IDE) , as well as programming the device using the on-board emulator. The HEW IDE includes the Renesas C compiler for SH-2A MCUs with no limitation for 60 days, then 256KB compile size thereafter.

Comprehensive Renesas Starter kits (RSKs) for the SH7216 contain all design and debug tools needed for quickly ramping-up new projects and jumpstarting prototype and proof-of concept designs. RSKs include the HEW IDE, Renesas SH-2A C compiler, and a full-featured JTAG debugging tool, the E10A.

A wealth of software products, supporting the SH7216 MCUs, are available from both Renesas and a broad 3rd party network. Renesas supplies free middleware supporting communication stacks for Ethernet, USB, CAN, plus motor control and more, while 3rd parties commercially offer full featured middleware and RTOS solutions, as well as full Integrated Development Environments with C compiler, and debuggers. The 3rd party support network includes Micrium, IAR, Express Logic, Segger, KPIT Cummins (GNU), CMX, FreeRTOS, and others.

Renesas Demo Kit

Renesas Starter Kit


Product Lineup:

Documents Tools Operating
SH7214, SH7216
3 - 3.6 200 512 - 1024 32 64 - 128 176

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