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SH7700 Series



These LSIs based on SH-3/SH3-DSP have high performance and low power consumption. In addition, instruction set is upwardly compatible with SH-1 and SH-2. The on-chip memory management unit (MMU) supports operating systems such as Windows® CE and Linux. There are also products with A/D, D/A, USB, and LCD controller, and they can be used for a variety of applications.

Key Application

  • Net Terminals, DVCs, DSCs, Compact Printers, Direct Printers, POS Terminals, Handy Terminals, Amusements, etc.

SH7752 SH7730 SH7734 SH7723 SH7724 SH7786 SH7764 SH7722 SH7785 SH7780 SH7706 SH7710/12/13 SH7720 SH7731 SH7727 SH7705 SH7721 SH7709S SH7760 SH7751R SH7751 SH7750S SH7750R SH7763

Product Lineup:

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