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Product Overview:

The SH7751 is a 32-bit RISC (reduced instruction set computer) microprocessor, featuring a built-in PCI bus controller compatible with PCs and multimedia devices.

It includes the SH-4 CPU, which at the object code level is upwardly compatible with the SH-1, SH-2, and SH-3 microcomputers. The SH7751 has an 8kB instruction cache and a 16kB operand cache that can be switched between copy-back and write-through modes, a 4-entry full associative instruction TLB (table look aside buffer), and MMU (memory management unit) with 64-entry full-associative shared TLB.

The SH7751 also includes a bus state controller (BSC) that can be coupled to synchronous DRAM. Also, because of its built in functions, such as PCI bus controller, timers, and serial communications functions, required for multimedia and OA equipment, use of the SH7751 enables a dramatic reduction in system costs.

Key Features:

  • Operating frequency:
    • 167 MHz
  • CPU Performance
    • 300MIPS (Dhystone) /167MHz
  • Cache
    • 8kB + Data 16kB (32B/line)
  • Debug
    • H-UDI, UBC, AUD
  • Package:
    • QFP-256, BGA-256
  • Other Features
    • PCI bus controller

Key Applications:

  • Telecommunication: Routers, PBXs, LAN/WAN | OA/PC Peripheral: Printers, Scanners, PPCs


Product Lineup:

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