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Product Overview:

The SH7724 (SH-MobileR2R) is a system LSI that incorporates SH-4A CPU core operating at maximum frequency of 500MHz, FPU (Floating-point Processing Unit), cache memory (primary and secondary), DDR2/MobileDDR-SDRAM controller, VPU5 (Video Processing Unit 5), 2D graphics accelerator, video I/O, LCD controller, ATAPI interface, TS interface and sound input/output,10M/100Mbps Ethernet controller etc. The SH7724 supports advanced power management function, and satisfies both the demand of high performance and the low power consumption requested from mobile devices.

Key Features:

  • Maximum operating frequency
    • 500MHz
  • Maximum processing performance (at 500 MHz operation)
    • 900MIPS , 3.5GFLOPS
  • Cache
    • Primary cache: Separated into 32 Kbytes for instructions and 32 Kbytes for data
    • Secondary cache: Mixed 256 Kbytes for instructions and data
  • Debug
    • H-UDI , UBC
  • Package
    • 449-pin BGA, 441-pin POP-compatible BGA
  • Other features
    • VPU5 (Video Processing Unit 5) image processing IP supporting the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC moving image compression standard. It enables 30 fps (frame per second) encoding and decoding of HD(1280x720) size moving images. Also it supports MPEG4 encode/decode and VC-1 decode.
    • On-chip 2D graphics accelerator improves rendering performance such as bold line drawing or anti-aliasing
    • 24-bit color compatible TFT-LCD controller.
    • Expanded edge emphasis function ( It can realize high-quality display of terrestrial digital TV broadcasts, ensuring that the picture does not appear fuzzy when enlarged from QVGA to VGA or WVGA size.)
    • 128-Kbyte media RAM (MERAM) that can be defined up to 32 inter connect buffers (ICB)
    • Video output unit (based on ITU-R BT.601 and ITU-R BT.656)
    • DDR2/Mobile DDR-SDRAM can be connected directly (32-bit data bus width)
    • ATAPI interface allowing connection to a HDD or DVD drive
    • USB 2.0 host and function (high-speed support)
    • SD host interface (high-speed specification support and an optional CPRM support)
    • 10M/100Mbps Ethernet controller etc.

Key Applications:

  • One-Seg capable car navigation systems, One-Seg capable portable media players, PNDs (personal navigation devices), Industrial panel computer, MFP (Multifunction Peripheral) operation panel units, Security cameras, Videophone capable terminals, V2IP (video and voice over IP) terminals, etc.


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