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Product Overview:

The V850E/IA2 is a 32-bit single-chip microcontroller that uses the V850E1 CPU,  a V850 microcontroller, and has on-chip peripheral functions such as ROM, RAM, a bus interface, a DMA controller, timers including a 3-phase sine-wave PWM timer for motors, serial interfaces, and A/D converters.

Key Features:

Operating voltage: 4.5 to 5.5 V
Max. frequency: 40 MHz
ROM capacities: V850E/IA3 128 KB mask ROM and 128 KB flash memory/ V850E/IA4 128 to 256 KB mask ROM and 128 KB flash memory
RAM capacities: V850E/IA3 6 KB/ V850E/IA4 6 to 12 KB
Package: 100-pin plastic LQFP package
Number of instructions: 80
Minimum instruction execution time: 25 ns (@ internal 40 MHz operation)
General-purpose registers: 32 bits x 32 registers
Instruction set (V850E1 CPU):

  • Signed multiplication (32 bits x 32 bits -> 64 bits): 1 or 2 clocks
  • Saturated operation instructions (with overflow/underflow detection function)
  • 32-bit shift instruction: 1 clock
  • Bit manipulation instructions
  • Long/short format load/store instructions
  • Signed load instructions

Memory space:

  • 4 MB linear address space (shared by program and data)
  • Chip select output function: 8 spaces
  • Memory block division function: 2, 4, or 8 MB/block
  • Programmable wait function
  • Idle state insertion function

External bus interface:

  • 16-bit data bus (address/data multiplex)
  • 16-/8-bit bus sizing function
  • External wait function


  • External interrupts: 16 (including NMI)
  • Internal interrupts: 42 sources
  • Exceptions: 1 sourse
  • 8 levels of priority definable

DMA controller: 4-channel configuration

  • Transfer unit: 8 bits/16 bits
  • Maximum transfer count: 65,536
  • Transfer type: 2-cycle transfer
  • Transfer modes: Single transfer, single-step transfer, block transfer
  • Transfer subjects: Memory <-> Memory, Memory <-> I/O, I/O <-> I/O
  • Transfer requests: On-chip peripheral I/O, software
  • Next address setting function

I/O ports: Input ports 6 , I/O ports 47
Timer/counter function:

  • 16-bit timer for 3-phase sine wave PWM inverter control: 2 channels
  • 16-bit up/down counter/timer for 2-phase encoder input: 1 channels
  • General-purpose 16-bit timer/counter: 2 channels
  • General-purpose 16-bit timer/event counter: 1 channel
  • 16-bit interval timer: 1 channel

Serial interface:

  • Asynchronous serial interface (UART): 2 channels
  • Clocked serial interface (CSI): 2 channels

NBD (Non Break Debug) function: 1 channel (µPD70F3116 only)

  • RAM monitoring
  • Event detection

10-bit resolution A/D converter: 6 channels + 8 channels(2 units)
Two power supplies, one for the internal CPU and one for the peripheral interface, are not necessary.
A 5 V single-power-supply system can be configured by connecting an N-ch transistor (2SD1950 (VL standard product, surface mount type) or 2SD1581 (independent type) is recommended).
If a 3.3 V power supply is available, it can be directly connected to the REGIN pin.
Clock generator:

  • Multiplication function (x1, x2.5, x5, x10) using PLL clock synthesizer
  • Divide-by-2 function using external clock input

Power-saving function: HALT, IDLE, and software STOP modes
CMOS technology: Full static circuits

Key Applications:

  • [Consumer equipment] inverter air conditioner
  • [Industrial equipment] motor control, general-purpose inverter
  • [Automobile applications] electrical power steering, electric car control

Product Lineup:

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