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New Integrated SoC Platform


Renesas Electronics developed a "new integrated SoC platform", which incorporates the core technologies essential for the three areas of the future network society: mobile devices, automotive information systems and home multimedia applications.

The "new integrated SoC platform" has been formed by combining advanced technologies of the respective former companies (NEC Electronics Corporation and Renesas Technology Corp.). By developing new products based on the newly integrated platform, Renesas Electronics will provide timely solutions/products for the growing market.

Core Technologies of the New SoC Products

4 core technologies supporting 3 market needs (mobile, automotive, multimedia home)

Core Technologies of the New SoC Products R-Mobile R-Home R-Car

About the New Integrated SoC Platform Architecture

The architecture is divided into System Application Domain and Real-time Processing Domain.

  • System Application Domain will support open OS.
  • Real-time Processing Domain will achieve flexibility, performance, electrical balance through H/W and S/W harmonization.
  • The architecture will support selective usage of functional IP through BUS connectivity IP.

About the New Integrated SoC Platform Architecture

Products/Solutions from the Integrated Platform

Delivering optimized solutions for each area through the new integrated SoC platform.

Products/Solutions from the Integrated Platform

Product Roadmap

Roadmap integrated for 3 focused areas (mobile, automotive, home multimedia)

  • Combining technological excellence from the 2 companies in architecture, IP, and software
  • Open architecture is used for the software's eco-system.
  • Products supply that has been committed already will continue to be sold and supported as usual.
  • The compatibility between new and older products will be ensured and the development could be done on the newly merged platform.


Mobile SoC

  • R-Mobile A Series:General-purpose application processor for mobile phone, PND, consumer products
  • R-Mobile U Series:Mobile phone solution built-in modem & camera ISP

R-Mobile Details

R-Mobile Consortium


Automotive System SoC

  • R-Car H Series:High-end Model
  • R-Car M Series:Mid-end Model
  • R-Car E Series:Entry Model

R-Car Details


Home Multimedia SoC

Re-organize "R-Home S" for STBs

  • R-Home S Series:Lineup for STBs

R-Home Consortium

New SoC Partner Program

Application Technology Support

  • Providing supports in application development through the new integrated SoC platform (strong support platform, and time-to-market jump-start development)
  • Offering expertise/variety/know-how through world-wide partners

Application Technology Support

More information on the New SoC Partner Program

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