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Accessory Information


[ What is an accessory? ]

Accessory tools are converter boards and other optional tools, which are used to connect the user system and the emulator or to mount an evaluation MCU of a different package from the actual MCU on the user system. Renesas provides a rich array of MCU packages and various accessory tools for the diverse of user systems of customers.


[ Accessory product information ]


[ Target connection information (Emulator Options) ]

We arranged the Emulator Options information in a PDF file.
This file shows the hardware tool information including accessories for connecting an emulator to the system that is varied with the MCU package or emulator.
Find the information applicable to your development environment.
Please contact us if you wish to purchase an earlier product, if you will be purchasing tool products as part of the transition from an old device to a new device, or regarding any other tool-related matters.

Information on Accessories for Connecting an Emulator to the System


[ IC socket and converter information]

IC sockets information for E200F, E100, E6000H, E6000, compact Emulators and debug MCU Boards are published.


[ Reference Dimensional Drawing ]


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