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Compiler for 78K0R [CC78K0R] (Discontinued product)


Target device

  • 78K0R




The CC78K0R is a C compiler for 78K0R microcontrollers. For customers making their first purchase, we recommend the SP78K0R. The SP78K0R is a package of software tools which contains the CC78K0R, plus other tools necessary for tasks from coding to debugging. For customers purchasing the CC78K0R by itself, please read the notice below. Note: The assembler package (RA78K0R) is necessary for generating module files and HEX-format object module files.



  • ANSI-C Compliant : Complies with the ANSI-C standard, a standardized specification of the C language.
  • Emphasize ROM/RAM efficiency : Contains a "powerful optimization function" to extract maximum performance from devices
  • Optimal functions for embedded system development : The microcontroller's peripheral hardware can be directly controlled in C./ Interrupt processing can be directly coded in C./ External variables can be assigned to the saddr area (sreg variables)./ Functions that can be called with short instructions can be coded (callt, callf functions). / By specifying register banks for interrupt processing, the overhead for processing the register save/restore during interrupts is lessened. / Fill the holes between the members of structures/unions through their alignment and decrease code size (execution speed increases slightly). (Structure/Union Packing Function)
  • Accessory Utilities : Stack Estimation Tool (SK78K0R)
  • Multiple license products (5/10/20/50 licenses) are available. You can control development expenses when developing in large-scale projects. For details, please contact to your Overseas Representative.

Operating Environment

Refer to Operating Environments of Products.

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