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Assembler Package for 78K0S [RA78K0S] (Discontinued product)


Target device

  • 78K0S




The RA78K0S is an assembler package for 78K0S microcontrollers. The assembler package is an inclusive term for programs which convert source programs written in 78K0S assembly language to machine language, and it includes the following programs. PM+ (Project Manager), Structured assembler preprocessor, Assembler, Linker, Object converter, Librarian, List converter



  • Support for structured assembly language which makes C-like control structures and substitute descriptors possible
  • A diagnostic information output function which outputs various diagnostic lists to help with debugging
  • Supports macro functions to make the same macro instruction series correspond to a single macro instruction
  • Support for a conditional assembly function where a portion of the source program can be conditionally set to be assembled or not
  • Possesses branch instruction auto-select pseudoinstructions (BR pseudoinstructions), equipped with an optimization function to generate branch instruction code according the branch destination range
  • Multiple license products (5/10/20/50 licenses) are available. You can control development expenses when developing in large-scale projects.For details, please contact to your Overseas Representative.

Operating Environment

Refer to Operating Environments of Products.

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