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Coding Assistance


Simplifying initial settings on your microcontroller greatly reduces working hours for development.

The coding assistance tools are capable of automatically generating control programs for peripheral modules (device driver programs). By generating needed source code in accordance with user settings, the generator shortens terms of development and drastically reduces costs. However, the situations to which the tools can respond depend on the microcontroller and integrated development environment, so refer to the table below for details of product compatibility.

Icons indicate: CS+ CS+, e2 studio e² studio, High-performance Embedded Workshop High-performance Embedded Workshop, PM+ PM+

  • 1. The integrated development environment includes the code generator plug-in.
  • 2. e² studio can be used to build projects in combination with the GNU tools from KPIT Technologies Ltd.



Code Generator Plug-in

Automatic Driver Generator for RL78, RX, V850, 78K0R, and 78K0
* Since this tool is included in the CS+ and e² studio integrated development environments from Renesas, all processes from editing code and building to debugging can be smoothly executed from the same integrated environment.

Peripheral Driver Generator

Automatic Driver Generator for RX200, RX600, R8C/2x, R8C/1x, M16C/60, SH/Tiny, H8S/Tiny, H8/300H Tiny

Renesas Peripheral Driver Library

Unified API library for controlling peripheral I/O modules on Renesas MCUs
* This software is bundled with Renesas Starter Kits and Peripheral Driver Generator.

Application Leading Tool (Applilet)

Automatic Driver Generator for V850, RX, RL78, 78K0R, 78K0 and 78K0S
* Applilet is the generic term for Applilet, Applilet2 and Applilet3.

Applilet EZ PL

Applilet EZ PL is a programming software that can create microcontroller application software easily in a manner similar to solving a puzzle, without using any programming language.

Applilet EZ PL for RL78

"Applilet EZ PL for RL78" is software that allows users with no programming language knowledge to easily create a microcontroller application program, in a manner similar to that of solving a jigsaw puzzle.

Applilet EZ for HCD

Applilet EZ for HCD is a tool that automatically generates LED-lighting sampling software, and writes it to a microcontroller. It enables you to generate and write software (with project) to a microcontroller with a few simple clicks of the mouse in the GUI.

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