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Simulator Debugger for H8SX, H8S, and H8 Families


Target devices

  • The H8,H8S, H8SX family


This simulator product makes source level debugging of applications possible in the Renesas integrated development environment, or the High-performance Embedded Workshop, while the target system is not available on hand.

The simulator debugger's exclusive functions (high-function debugging) permits the programs written in C/C++ language or assembly language to be debugged efficiently while the actual MCU is not available on hand.

・High-accuracy simulation

Cycle accurate
・Simulated I/O function Standard and file input/output functions usable
・Virtual interrupt function Simulation of interrupt operations possible
Virtual interrupts using arbitrary timing and break conditions
Timer module based internal interrupts possible

Furthermore, an intuitively understandable easy GUI (graphical user interface) provides a comfortable debug environment.

This product is included in the compiler package. When the compiler package is installed, the functions of this simulator debugger are added to the High-performance Embedded Workshop environment.

Version Information

Latest Ver.: V.5.09.00
Released: Jun 7, 2010
Details of upgrade (Tool News)

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