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Target Devices

Note: This emulator has restrictions. For details, see the following.



The MCU unit is a MCU-dependent hardware tool for the E100 emulator. Connecting it to the  E100 emulator main unit allows you to configure a debugging environment for your target system. It is easy for the user to replace.

Setup image Set package
setup image set package Set packages for various groups, which include the E100 main unit,  MCU unit and accessories, are also available.
Please see " Set packages" for further details.



  • MCU unit (R0E521500MCU00)
  • Flexible cable (Mounted on the MCU unit)
  • 16MHz oscillator module (Mounted on the MCU unit)
  • CD-ROM (M16C R8C E100 emulator software) 
    - M16C R8C E100 emulator debugger (Including High-performance Embedded Workshop)
    - Auto-update utility
    - User's manual



Applicable emulator E100
Supported MCUs R8C/5x Series MCU
Applicable MCU mode Single-chip mode
Maximum ROM/RAM capacity
  1. (1) Internal flash ROM : 256KB + 4KB
    08000h to 47FFFh,
    07000h to 07FFFh
  2. (2) Internal RAM : 20KB
    00400h to 053FFh
Maximum operating frequency Power supply voltage : 2.7 to 5.5[V] 32MHz
Emulator power supply Supplied from the DC power of the emulator
Overseas standards
  • European Standards: EN 55022 Class A, EN 55024
  • US FCC Standard: FCC part 15 Class A


Applicable Converter boards for the R8C/5x Series MCUs

The R0E521500MCU00 is available for the R8C/5x Series MCUs by using with the following converter boards.

Converter board Applicable MCU Groups
R0E53054ECFK60 (PLQP0048KB-A) : R8C/54E, 54F, 54G, 54H Groups
R0E53036ACFK40 (PLQP0064KB-A) : R8C/56E, 56F, 56G, 56H Groups

The MCU unit and converter boards are sold separately or included in set packages. Please see " Set packages " for further details.


Connecting to the User System

* These converter boards are bundled with an IC socket (NQPACK) each to mount them on the user system. For the details, please refer to the user's manual of each converter board.

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