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E6000H (Discontinued Product)


Target Devices



Building on the tried and tested design of the E6000, the E6000H offers full real-time emulation support for high end Renesas microcontrollers. Utilising state of the art technology the E6000H range supports emulation of devices with execution speeds up to 100MHz, as featured in the new Renesas H8SX CISC microcontroller family, SH7046 series, SH7047 series, SH7058 series and SH7144 series.

Standard features such as real time trace, hi-speed emulation memory, performance analysis and full debug integration into the Renesas HEW (High-performance Embedded Workshop) makes the E6000H a high productivity tool for fast moving development teams.


  • E6000H Emulator Software (Supported IDE: High-performance Embedded Workshop)

Operating Environment



HS7046EPH60H (Discontinued product)

E6000H emulator for SH7046, SH7047, SH7048, SH7049, SH7101, SH7104, SH7105, SH7106, SH7107, SH7108, SH7109, SH7144, SH7145 and SH7148 groups

HS7059EPH62H (Discontinued product)

E6000H emulator for SH7058S and SH7059 groups

HS1527REPH60H (Discontinued product)

E6000H emulator for H8SX/1520R group

HS1544EPH60H (Discontinued product)

E6000H emulator for H8SX/1544 group

HS1650EPH60H (Discontinued product)

E6000H emulator for H8SX/1638, H8SX/1648A, H8SX/1650C, H8SX/1657, H8SX/1651, H8SX/1658R, H8SX/1653, H8SX/1668R, H8SX/1663 groups

HS0AE5EPH60H (Discontinued product)

E6000H emulator for AE-5 series

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