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The IE-703002-MC is an in-circuit emulator for the V85x, V850/Sxx microcontrollers. Use it in combination with the option boards shown below, according to the compatible microcontroller.


  • IE-703003-MC-EM1 : V853 option board
  • IE-703017-MC-EM1 : V850/SA1 option board
  • IE-703037-MC-EM1 : V850/SB1, V850/SB2 option board
  • IE-703040-MC-EM1 : In-circuit Emulator V850/SV1 option board
  • IE-703079-MC-EM1 : V850/SF1 option board
  • IE-703089-MC-EM1 : V850/SC1, V850/SC2, V850/SC3 option board


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