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The LCE-K0 is a comprehensive, low cost, full function In-Circuit Emulator (ICE) for developing embedded systems based on 8-bit 78K0 family of microcontrollers. The LCE-K0 supports full-featured ICE functions and an on-board Flash Programming Interface. A removable daughter board or emulation board provides emulation functions specific to a particular 78K0 family of microcontrollers.


  • Real-time in-circuit emulation and flash programmer
  • Parallel interface to PC via DB25 connector
  • Source-level debugging in C language or Assembly language
  • Emulation memory - Up to 60 KB internal ROM and 1 KB internal RAM with external memory emulation functionality
  • Breakpoint settings - Up to 100 program fetch breakpoints and 5 data access breakpoints
  • Trace capabilities up to 64K frames for fetch, read or write access with time stamping


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