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(Not supporting AUD trace function)
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(Supporting AUD trace function)

(For SuperH RISC engine Family
of multi-core MCUs)



HS0005KCU01H is an on-chip debugging emulator which utilizes H-UDI interface of the target device.
The H-UDI can be connected using the 14-pin cable.
HS0005KCU01H does not support AUD trace functionality and is available at a lower price than the HS0005KCU02H which supports AUD.



  • E10A USB supporting H-UDI only - HS0005KCU01H
  • 14-way cable for H-UDI connection
  • Installation CD incorporating
    • High-performance Embedded Workshop integrated development environment with the E10A-USB debugger component
    • All device addition options


PC interface

USB interface (USB 1.1, Full speed)


Operating Environment

Refer to Operating Environments of Products.



No C/C++ compiler toolchains are included. When initially programming the E10A-USB the user will assign a device group personality to the E10A-USB. This is a one time process (OTP) and cannot be changed. Please refer to the E10A-USB Product Configuration for further details.


Tool Stock and Availability

Note : Distributor Prices may vary from the stated budgetary price. The pricing and availability information on this site is based on information provided by Renesas’ authorized distributors and is subject to change without notice. By selecting a distributor from this page, you will be redirected from the Renesas site to the distributor’s website to complete a purchase. The distributors are independent from Renesas and maintain their own terms and conditions of sale. Renesas disclaims all representations and warranties, express and implied, with respect to transactions between distributors and their end customers.

Version Information

Latest Ver.: V.3.06 Release 00
Released: June 16, 2013
Details of upgrade (Tool News)

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