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(Supporting AUD trace function)
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(Not supporting AUD trace function)

(For SuperH RISC engine Family
of multi-core MCUs)



HS0005KCU02H is an on-chip debugging emulator which utilizes H-UDI interface of the target device and supports AUD - Advance User Debugging where this capability is supported by the target device.
The AUD is supported via 36-pin cable; the H-UDI can be connected using the 14-way cable.


  • E10A USB supporting H-UDI and AUD trace - HS0005KCU02H
  • 14-way cable for H-UDI connection
  • 36-way cable for AUD support
  • Installation CD incorporating
    • High-performance Embedded Workshop integrated development environment with the E10A-USB debugger component
    • All device addition options

PC interface

USB interface (USB 1.1, Full speed)


No C/C++ compiler toolchains are included. When initially programming the E10A-USB, the user will assign a device group personality to the E10A-USB.  This is a one time process (OTP) and cannot be changed. Please refer to the E10A-USB Product Configuration for further details.

Version Information

Latest Ver.: V.3.06 Release 00
Released: June 16, 2013
Details of upgrade (Tool News)

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