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F-ZTAT Microcomputer On-Board Writing Program [Programming software]


F-ZTAT microcomputer on-board writing program (Flash.exe)

Note that this product will not be further upgraded.


The "F-ZTAT Microcomputer On-board Writing Program" (hereinafter refferd to as the on-board writing program) is a program that allows the user to write data and program code to the flash memory in a flash microcomputer on board. By using the on-board writing program, the user can write new contents to flash memory in the flash microcomputer after it has been installed on a circuit board. The user can write application programs and update the contents of memory in the workspace or in the field. This will make the product development easier and allow it more flexibility.
The user can use the on-board writing function of the flash microcomputer by installing the on-board writing program to the host computer.

Notice: The Flash Development Toolkit will support the Renesas latest devices. This on-board writing program is not planned to be upgraded hereafter.

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