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PCA7412F-100 (Discontinued product)


Target Devices


The PCA7412F-100 is a PROM programming adapter for M16C/60 Series of Renesas 16-bit MCUs with internal PROM. The adapter is used to write programs using a commercially available PROM programmer for the M5M27C101, M5M27C201 or equivalent.

Programmer Requirements

  • Programmable M5M27C101, M5M27C201 or equivalent (Programming voltage: 12.5V)
  • Programming, verifying and erase check in specified area
  • 5V power supply (Approx. 10mA)
  • No device recognition code (Able to specify conditions directly)
  • Recommended: R4945, R4945A (ADVANTEST CORPORATION)


  • Main unit (PCA7412F-100)
    A board has an IC socket for the MCU package
  • Interface unit (PCA7412B)
    A board used to connect the main unit to the connector
  • Connector (PCA7476E)
    A board for connecting to a PROM programmer. Pins for 32-pin standard-pitch IC socket of PROM programmer mounted
  • Instruction manual


Supported MCU M16C/60 Series
Supported package type 100-pin 0.65mm-pitch QFP [100P6S-A]
Operating clock frequency 8MHz
Operation clock supplier Supplied from ceramic oscillator of main unit
Power supply Supplied from Vcc of PROM programmer

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