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Version Information

Compiler Package

Latest Ver.: V2.02.00
Released: Mar 24, 2014
Details of upgrade (Tool News)

Component Update Information
CubeSuite+ 1
- CX
- CC-RH 2
- CC-RX 2
- 78K0
- RL78, 78K0R
- RL78
- 78K0R
Device Information:
- V850
- RH850
- RL78, 78K 2
- RX 1
Code Generator:
- V850
- RL78, 78K0R, 78K0 2
- RX 1
(In the case of RX600
series except for RX64M
and RX200 series,
the code that is
generated automatically
by the Peripheral Driver
Generator can be
registered with the
CubeSuite+ project.)

Integrated Help 2
CubeSuite+ Utilities
Emulator Utilities
USB Driver
Update Manager

Updated after the latest version of CubeSuite+ Package was released.
1. Jul 1, 2014
2. Jul 16, 2014

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